Our highly trained Brake Specialists come to wherever your car is located and service your brakes on the spot.
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Brake Squad, Inc. is an innovative brake repair service that outperforms the competition. The company focuses mainly on rotor replacement and brake repair but offers many other brake related services. Unlike traditional auto shops, Brake Squad is a fully mobile service. This means technicians can come to you and fix your car wherever it’s parked. You will not need to waste time dropping off your vehicle, and you can avoid the inconvenience of spending a day at the repair shop.

Brake Pads Repair

Brake Squad professionals work with a meticulousness that is unsurpassed. Your brakes will receive a complete inspection, and only the necessary work will be performed. When it comes to brake pad or brake line repair, the customer’s safety is number one. The technicians use high-quality replacement parts, and they never skip steps in order to save money or time for the company. In most cases, a thorough inspection can be completed in less than an hour.

The Brake Squad Mobile Brake Repair

The experts at Brake Squad have extensive experience in brake pads repair. They also can provide brake fluid flushes, drum repair and caliper replacement. Because the company and its employees have a noteworthy history in the brake repair business, you can trust them to do a quality job. Even if you are in need of emergency service, there are technicians available and eager to assist you.

The Brake Squad specialists are professional, respectful and trustworthy. They will work diligently to ensure you and your family are safe when you drive your vehicle. Not only are the technicians hardworking, they are clean and precise. You can rest assured, whether you need a brake line repair or a full brake system replacement, the entire team at Brake Squad will provide only the highest quality service.