Our highly trained Brake Specialists come to wherever your car is located and service your brakes on the spot.
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For residents of northern Virginia, the expert technicians at The Brake Squad, Inc. are there to help with brake problems and get you out of a major bind. No matter where and when your brakes fail, the company will send someone out to address the problem–all you have to do is call.

There is no need to call a tow truck and disrupt your busy schedule because of brake problems when you can get quality service on-site, saving both time and money.

Brake Repair Costs

The team of experts at The Brake Squad are highly trained in all types of brake repairs, and the company uses only the highest quality parts and original components on all its repairs. While Brake Squad technicians will never cut corners, they also will not charge you extra brake repair costs in order to do unnecessary repairs.

For instance, some brake repair shops will suggest resurfacing your brake rotors, causing issues down the line with reduced stopping power and warping. Instead, The Brake Squad will install new ones for prices that more than compete with the much higher prices other shops usually quote for the same job.

Call Brake Squad

Of course, you can prevent a brake repair emergency from occurring in the first place by keeping up on regular maintenance for your brakes. As with roadside and on-site repairs, you can rely on The Brake Squad for preventative maintenance for your brakes for a low price and excellent service.

You can schedule your appointment today by visiting the website located at www.thebrakesquad.local. Simply fill out the appointment form on the site, and the company will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your request and schedule your appointment.