In the first part of this blog we talked about washing your car, checking your wipers, and testing your heater in preparation for fall and winter. Here are a few more tips, including calling us for mobile brakes maintenance:

Tires: Making sure your tires are not worn or damaged is crucial for safe driving on icy or wet roads. Check for tread wear, make sure your tires are properly inflated, and get your tires rotated so that they wear evenly. If you need new tires, now is a good time to get them.

Oil: Before the stress that winter will put on your car, it is wise to make sure your oil is changed. If you go to a mechanic for this, they can also make sure your essential fluids like coolant are topped off.

Brakes: Winter weather brings with it dangerous driving conditions, so it is imperative that your brakes will work properly when the time comes that you need them. Call The Brake Squad for convenient mobile brakes maintenance to make sure you’re ready to safely drive in ice and snow.

Even though the kids are just now heading back to school and the leaves may not have begun to turn yet, it’s not too early to start planning to prepare your vehicle for fall and winter weather. With services that come to you, The Brake Squad will make checking one item off your list convenient and easy!