Look, we like the perks offered at the luxury dealership too. I mean who doesn’t like the free coffee, snacks, drinks, fresh baked cookies, and massaging chairs? But, if you look closely you’ll see that you are paying a premium for all those so-called perks. The Brake Squad Mobile Brake Repair offers the same high-quality parts and service without the overhead, which means you’ll be back on the road in less time and you’ll have something left in your wallet to enjoy the journey.

The luxury car market continues to set the bar for quality and innovation in the design of brakes. Luxury car brakes are similar to regular car brakes but include additional features such as brake pad wear sensors, electronic parking brakes, larger rotors/pads, and unique brake caliper designs to provide extra stopping power and better performance. At The Brake Squad, we have all the specialty parts and electronic equipment to service brakes on any make or model of luxury car.

Your luxury car may have come with ceramic and/or semi-metallic brake pads which are designed for different driving styles. We only install brake pads that meet the same high-quality standards as the ones that came on your car.  Our pads are made using Positive Molding Technology, a process that involves pressing your new brake pads under 50 tons of force to squeeze in more braking material and less glue and resin.  The result is brake pads that don’t squeak or squeal, last twice as long and create little to no dusting on your wheels.

We also install new disc rotors that meet the original equipment specification for your vehicle. Also for many vehicles, we offer rotors with a rust-resistant coating which makes them last longer and look better through your wheels. We do not resurface rotors on a lathe. Resurfacing is known to cause trouble down the road. Most of the issues you have with a rotor are due to rust clogging the cooling channels leading to overheating, cracking, excessive wear, and warping. Resurfacing does nothing to address the cooling channels in your rotor. What it does do is thin down your rotor making it even more susceptible to overheating.

We, of course, stand behind the parts we install with a 12-month warranty that cover parts AND labor!