Recently, one of our cars was seen by an auto shop in Ashburn for a squeaking noise at the front of the vehicle. Upong it being evaluated, I was told two different stories in a matter of minutes, hence my husband decided to seek out a second opinion as we just didn’t trust what we were being told. Boy am I glad I did!

Joe came out to my home (yes, I said it – they come to YOU) and told me right away that I didn’t need new rotors, I just needed the front brake pads as they had been worn down significantly. In less than an hour the work was done and my car is good as new (in the brake department…can’t say for the rest of the 10year old car).

Joe is very professional and trustworthy. And his concept of coming to you to do the brake work is fantastic. It was so convienient and quick. Most importantly, what I paid for his work was $200+ less than what I was quoted, so I have more money in my pocket because I sought out The Brake Squad instead of going where I normally take my automobiles.

You will not be disappointed, please consider this when your car is squeaking and you suspect you have brake issues.