“The brake squad came to my home and drained my existing brake fluid, flushed the system, and replaced it with new fluid. They also did a comprehensive inspection of Rear and front brakes to see if my 99 Jeep Cherokee required any additional brake maintenance. This is an excellent service and I had a fantastic experience. My brake technician was on time for my Saturday morning appointment And began working promptly at 9 AM. He gave me a thorough explanation of everything he was doing and showed me exactly where on the brakes there were signs of wear and Deterioration. That said, he noted that my brake pads did not require replacement at this time, and did not attempt to up-sell me on additional services. He was able to very quickly and efficiently replace all of my brake fluid and was gone within an hour. I was able to use a credit card to pay which was convenient. I will definitely use this service again and can’t imagine going to a actual brake repair center to sit and wait while my car Is worked on when I can Enjoy the convenience of someone coming to my own home to do the same job at a very competitive price.”