I called The Brake Squad, Inc. on Saturday morning and Joe came to my house that afternoon.  He inspected my brakes and pads, showed me my brakes and pads and gave me an honest explanation.  Joe told me that I didn’t need the front brakes immediately and that I wouldn’t need the rotors for awhile.  I chose to go ahead and get the front brakes and pads for several reasons.  Joe didn’t try to “sell” me brakes.  He wasn’t out to make a quick sale for something I didn’t immediately need.  I was going to need the brakes in the near future and while the rotors were a little further out, I chose to go ahead and get the front brakes and pads.  I’m so glad I did.  After Joe’s explanation about the brakes, I felt very comfortable with my decision to go ahead and have Joe put them on.  This is the first time I actually understood about the service I was receiving (definitely didn’t get that from any dealership) and the first time I felt like I was purchasing something I actually needed for my car.  Usually when I get any service for my car done, I walk away wondering if it was a waste of money.  Not this time.  I told Joe I think the Brake Squad is a brilliant idea.  They came to my house and will even come to your job.  How much more convenient can that be?  I didn’t have to sit at the dealership for hours and wait for them to put the brakes on only to come out later and tell me I had a dozen other things “they felt” I should have done.  The Brake Squad doesn’t try to sell you things that you don’t need.  Thank you again Joe for your honesty and excellent service.