When I called and told my mom, “I had The Brake Squad come out to my house and replace my brakes,” her response was, “Only you would research and find someone to work on your car the same day you called them, while you patiently waited inside, not exposing yourself to the elements.” Yup. That’s me. It was cold and I wasn’t really feeling wasting a whole day in a dirty waiting room somewhere while they took 2+ hours to do my brakes.  

My Honda CRV’s brakes were making noise, so I knew I had to get them replaced ASAP. Of course, I got on Yelp somewhere around 11 AM and found The Brake Squad. I called and could not have gotten a nicer person on the phone. Joe explained that they use ceramic brakes and what the difference between ceramic and metal brakes was. I asked  him if I could get them to come out that day, and I was surprised when he said they could. My appointment was going to be at 4. 

Well, it was about 2:45 and my husband and I were out and about, something like 10 minutes from home. I got a call from Alex saying that he was running ahead of schedule and that he wanted to come early, if he could. Well of course!  

Alex arrived at my house in 20 minutes and got to work. I was afraid I’d need rotors (EXPENSIVE!!!!!) because every time I have ever gotten my brakes done, they always tell me I need rotors too. Alex was honest and told me I didn’t need new rotors, but it would help to resurface them, which was way cheaper ($30). He also checked my back brakes and said I had about 4 months til I needed new ones and that I would need rotors at that time as well. It’s nice to know something like that in advance, because that’s a considerable cost.  

Alex had my vehicle done in 30 minutes. He was fast and friendly and honest. I’ll be calling them to do my back brakes when the time comes for that.