So my brakes started making weird scraping noises about 2 weeks ago. I was getting pretty paranoid that maybe I did something wrong and something underneath my car or even my muffler was hanging down. However, the scraping noises only occurred every time I would break my car and it worsens when it’s raining (which lately it’s been rainy/gloomy). When my friend heard the noise herself, she was telling me it sounded like my rotors/break pads and that I should try to take care of it ASAP.

Since I had the whole Christmas week off, I decided to try to look around yelp and get an estimate at how much this would cost and I got a free quote from Joe. He told me the price of what it would be if it was my rotors & break pads and if it was just my break pads. I loved this because I know exactly how much it would cost up front to ensure I had the money for them.

Joe had schedule an appointment on Christmas Eve and Alex (I believe) came out to my condo and did the repairs. I am pretty pleased with the results and glad that I don’t have to hear that awful scraping sound again! It’s also a plus that they come to your house or work place! How awesome is that?!