DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE! I was so very happy with The Brake Squad. First off, Crystal was amazing. And she was so honest, I had called her about 4-6 times? Asking her numerous questions. I took my car to Midas and Merchant tires-Both lied and both quoted me $754-968 to get my brakes repaired. I had Midas look at my car put it on the lift and tell me I needed done to my car. I called spoke with Crystal, right off the bat she was helpful honest and very informative. I had to change my appointment several times, and they were patient and accommodating.

Once the tech arrived, I went through the check list of what I was told I needed. And I am thinking, since I am a female they are going to stiff me. Nope. The tech went through the check list with me, and said no you don’t need that, this or that. So no brake flush, no front brake replacement. All I needed were my rear brake pads changed. So I went from $754-968 to $268.00 for my 2012 Honda Civic. My car was only at 34,000 miles so clearly I was being lied too by Midas and Merchant tires. Not to mention the quality customer service vs The Brake Squad, by far royal treatment.

I noticed some reviews on here say they were quoted one price and given another. First it is hard to diagnose over the phone? So, unfortunately ball park is what you are going to get, plus every car is different depending on what the “issue” is once the car is looked at, a quote is given off what they hear you say not what they see. The brake Squad is not trying to rip you off. Why are they less expensive from competitors? Because they don’t pay the overhead, and labor and and rent! That is why, they are honest and do not want to gouge the customers. Just fyi the labor rate currently is $110-125 in the DMV area, so you are paying the salary of people at Midas or Merchant tires. I am sorry, but I refuse to pay that labor rate especially since they are rude, and these places are disgusting and dingy. I was able to get ready in the comfort of my home for the day while my car was getting worked on (25-40 mins) and that was it. Off with my day! Use them, I am telling you I was so very happy with them!