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Mobile Brake Repair

Brakes. The Easy Way!

Save Time, Money, and Stress

We know that spending time in a repair shop simply does not fit into your busy schedule. Let us come to you and save you time, money, and stress while you move on with your life.

We Come to Your Home

We Come to Your Office

We Meet you on the Job

Do You Ever Feel Like This?

  • “I hate taking my car to the dealership, it’s always so expensive.”
  • “We just don’t have time take our car to the repair shop right now!”
  • “What are we going to do for a day without our car?”
  • “Take my car to the dealership is such a logistical nightmare!”
  • “What else is the repair shop going to find wrong with my car?”
  • “The service people at the repair shop always treat me like I’m stupid!”
  • “What am I going to do with my kids while I wait at the shop?”
  • “I just feel overwhelmed with all the technical jargon!”
  • “The repair shops pressure me into getting additional repairs!”
  • “I feel trapped at the shop until they finish working on my car.”
  • “The service people at the repair shop act as I’m not important!”
  • “The dealership can’t tell me when they’re going to be finished with the repair!”
  • “How do I know the garage actually did the repairs I’m being charged for?”

The Brake Squad Mission Statement

Get brake service in record time on your schedule

Our Brand Promise:

  • ASE Certified Brake Specialists
  • Original Equipment Quality Parts
  • Appointments that Fit Your Schedule
  • No Unnecessary Repairs or Upsells
  • 12-Month Warranty Covers Parts and Labor
  • Most Repairs Done in About an Hour

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