Due to a history of bad experiences at car repair shops, I’m one of those people who try to do as much as I can for my car on my own using guides on YouTube. Brakes, though, are a critical part of your car’s safety and I wasn’t comfortable doing that on my own, but I was also not sure about going to a brick-and-mortar mechanic because I can never be certain that they won’t screw me over.

A quick Yelp search brought up Brake Squad, and the reviews were really good. I decided that calling for a quote shouldn’t hurt me, so I called. Joe was very helpful and informative on the phone. He explained the process and gave me a run down of the pricing, and then emailed me the quote. My dealer wanted $360 for my front brakes (new pads plus resurfacing old rotors) and $160 for a brake flush. Parts and labor for replacing brake pads AND [NEW] rotors was only $100 more with the Brake Squad and a flush was $129 – a good deal considering they come to you.

Alex was courteous, friendly and accommodating, considering it was Friday afternoon and traffic in my area is crazy. Also, I like to ask questions and get involved in the process, and he was patient and let me watch as he flushed my car’s brake fluid and replaced my front brakes. After everything was done he took the car for a test drive and then I paid for the service with credit card right there. Note: they don’t accept Amex or at least, prefer other cards – don’t blame them, Amex charges a lot in fees and this can be rough on small businesses.

Overall, I am satisfied with the experience. Oops, almost forgot to mention. The whole service, brake flush and changing front brake pads and rotors, took about 45 minutes. Really fast work!