Review by Philip S. – Fairfax Station, VA


“a painless option”

This is a painless option for brake repair.  They were on time and finished in less that an hour.  I love this type of service had a battery replaced by another come to your home firm.  Saves a bunch of time.


Review by Dawn M. – Alexandria, VA


Alex was amazing!

Alex was amazing! I will use him for all my brake pads moving forward. Overall it was a great experience. Very efficient


Review by Mary F. – Arlington, VA


“I was shocked, and mad at the dealership”

The dealership service department told me that my brakes needed replacing, and measured at 3mm. I decided to try the Brake Squad rather than leaving my car at the dealer. I called and got an appointment for the next day. So easy! They came out to my house right on time. So convenient! And then the guy checked my brakes. He informed me that they all measured 6mm. I was shocked, and mad at the dealer, but was so thankful for the Brake Squad’s honesty. I paid a service charge and promptly started the long process of dealing with the dealership’s service department “error.”  Needless to say, the Brake Squad has a customer whenever I actually need new brakes!


Review by Matthew O. – Alexandria, VA


“My brakes were completely shot”

My brakes were completely shot, and I am heading out of town this week. I called up brake squad, because I used them previously some years back, and was able to get an appointment the very next day. THEY ACTUALLY CAME TO ME. My tech’s name was Joe, super knowledgeable and really understanding. He didn’t pressure me to get all 4 brakes and rotors done but presented all the evidence as to why it was necessary and would save me money long term. After 1 hour and 10 minutes my jeep was back up and running smoothly, no loud squealing and the overall ride even feels smoother!
Highly recommend Brake Squad, awesome job Joe!!


Review by Kelly S. – Sterling, VA


“mom of two kids and telecommuter”

My neighbor told me about Brake Squad when I was looking for a mechanic to replace brake pads and rotors for my old car.
As a mom of two kids and telecommuter, it is hard to make time to take my car to the mechanic and come back home (means finding a ride) and go back to pick up my car again when it is done.
I thought it was a brilliant idea that the technician will come to my place and work on my driveway.  The price was perfect too.
I have gotten multiple quotes from different places and Brake Squad beat all of them.
The technician came on time, test-drove my car and told me what I need to get.
The work was done within 1.5 hours.
I am very  happy and I highly recommend.


Review by Dmitry P. – Reston, VA



Used their services 3 times. Very satisfied. Price, service, attitude, convenience. My other car will need new brakes soon. 100% chance that will be them again.


Review by Bill L. – Centreville, VA


“nothing short of outstanding!”

This is a great company. Joe called me the night before to confirm the specifications of my truck so he could bring the correct parts for the next morning’s appointment. He showed up early, completely prepared for the repair. He replaced the brake pads & rotors on all four tires of an 8600 lb. box truck in a little over 1 hour. Wow! The box truck for my moving business didn’t sit in a shop for 2 days waiting on parts. My customers jobs didn’t have to be re-scheduled to another day thanks to Joe. This company’s response time, communication, quality of work & professionalism were nothing short of outstanding! Thank you, Joe!


Review by Stanley B. – Centreville, VA


“How did I not do this before?”

Are you serious!!! How did I not do this before. We were able to save $500+ (dealership was quoting $900) by having the Brake Squad conveniently change our brake pads and rotors in our driveway. Tech Alex was superb and efficient! Showed up right on time and was done in 30 mins (rear brake pads & rotors replaced). Will definitely be our MAIN brake service from now on.


Review by Tom W. – Herndon, VA


“made the mistake of going to Jiffy Lube”

Alex showed up right on time, was very professional and totally honest.  I called to have brakes done because I made the mistake of going to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and they told me both front and rear brakes would not pass inspection, and they offered to do them, I politely told them I would do it later when I had more time. Therefore I made an appointment with The Brake Squad.  Alex examined the brakes initially and said my vehicle has 80% of brake life left.  He could have replaced front and rear and charged me for the brakes I did not need.  Glad he is so honest and this speaks highly of the company. While he was here he also inspected my wife’s car and they were good as well.

Thank you and will definitely call them when I really need brakes.

Tom W


Review by John P. – Herndon, VA


saved a lot of money by his honesty

Second time I’ve used Brake Squad. I had been quoted on the phone an amount for new brake pads and rotors on one vehicle, and new pads in the other. The quote was, as before, well under even my trusted Shell mechanic down the road. Joe was the specialist who came out. After inspecting one of the cars, he told me I didn’t need new pads, but showed me where the front rotors needed some attention (which was causing the noise and the issues). He serviced the rotors, the brakes work great, and I saved a lot of money by his honesty. The other car was also serviced quickly and professionally.

A small business, great work, exceptional prices and, most importantly, integrity. Can’t say enough about it.


Review by R J. – Wahsington, DC


“exemplifies excellent customer service”

Joe is the best, super knowledgeable and informative. He walked me through the entire process while installing brakes on all 4 tires. Joe exemplifies excellent customer service and customer care. My brakes are working great, No squeaking noise and job done in less than an hour! Don’t hesitate call the Brake Squad !


Review by Ken E. – Woodbridge, VA


“very convenient”

The brake Squad is simply a great service. I met my technician while I was volunteering at a local food pantry. He checked my brakes (front and back) and advised me what needed to be done.  I was given an estimate the rear brakes would be done in in less than an hour.  In about 45 minutes my technician called to let me know the brake job was finished.  The Brake Squad is a professional, skilled and very convenient way of getting your brakes done.   Great service, value and friendly staff.


Review by Tony A. – Bethesda, MD


“Would give 6 stars if I could.”

Amazing service!  Andre was early for our appointment.  Service done in an hour and a half.  Rear and front pads and rear rotors.   Honest and transparent.  Told me I didn’t actually need rotors in the front because mine still had good life.  Saved me some $.  Will use them again and recommend to others.  Customer service us stellar too.  Refreshing to see how this business is run.  True professionals.  Would give 6 stars if I could.


Review by Paige B. – Woodbridge, VA


“…didn’t try to sell me things I didn’t need.”

If you ever need your brakes done ASAP … these guys are terrific highly recommend!

Not all of us have garages and the tools needed or even experience so I was quite pleased especially to book the appointment at 5:30 last night and have them show up before 9 AM this morning.  ( my appointment was for 9 AM Andre showed up at 8:50 and completed at 9:45.) My brakes began grinding quite badly yesterday so I was really grateful to have them to show up first thing this morning – Andre was done within an hour and I was off to work.  In addition, I appreciate it that they didn’t try to sell me things I didn’t need.

Andre – great job and I appreciate you.


Review by Rob B. – McLean, VA


“They did the job for $400 less.”

Our Ford Explorer needed new front brake rotors, pads and calipers. Every estimate we got from our local auto and tire service stations was $1200 plus. I decided to reach out to Brake Squad. They did the job for $400 less. In fact, the final cost was less than the estimate. No “up selling”, or added costs.

What’s more, they come to you – which I didn’t know when I called them for an estimate. The entire service was done right at our home – no losing the car for a full day, no dropping off and picking up the vehicle.

Andre was the Technician, and he was extremely professional, knowledgeable and very personable. He came out the same day we called for service. The weather was nasty, but that didn’t stop Andre from getting the entire job done in under 2 hours – and the brakes work perfectly.

We HIGHLY recommend Brake Squad and from here on out, they will be our only call when we need brake service.


Review by Lisa L. – Arlington, VA


“…already recommended them to friends and neighbors.”

The Brake Squad is terrific!  Very convenient!  The owner is so friendly and professional over the phone.  I had my front brakes done in May, and the back breaks today (July 6).  Andre was the mechanic both times. Not only does Andre arrive on time, but he even shows up a bit EARLY!  You won’t be stuck waiting with a window block of time.  When you make an appointment, they will be there!  Andre is a true professional; shows up with his green Brake Squad shirt and gets his work done in an efficient manner.  Andre came to my home, jacked the car up, and had all the tools he needed in his van.  In about 1-1/2 hours, my brakes were replaced.  In between the time I had the front and back brakes done, I had the “Low on Brake Fuel” warning light come on.  So I called and talked to Joe.  He assured me over the phone that I wasn’t in a dangerous situation and scheduled for Andre to come take a look at the earliest possible time.  Andre added brake fluid for no cost and explained why I ought to consider replacing the back brakes sooner rather than later.  I appreciate the convenience, professionalism, and fair pricing with the Brake Squad!  I’ve already recommended them to friends and neighbors.


Review by Calli W. – Vienna, VA



We just had two cars serviced because I was so impressed with the first. It was so convenient and the technician showed up on time and finished within an hour.


Review by Alexandria R. – Columbus, OH


“Thank you for such a wonderful experience”

They are absolutely fantastic. My husband took his car the dealership and they told us our whole brake system needed to be replaced and quoted us an outrageous price. I then looked online and found The Brake Squad and called them right away. My husband just got back from a deployment, and they were so accommodating to our needs and the extremely tight schedule we had. They came out to look at our car an hour after I called. The mechanic walked through the diagnostics with us and explained everything to us. He made sure we understood what was really wrong and what had to be done. He then proceeded to complete the work right away. They are professional, knowledgable, helpful, kind, and honest (which is hard to find in this industry). I highly recommend them to anyone, and I will continue to use them for any future work. Thank you for such a wonderful experience, The Brake Squad.


Review by Adam S. – Herndon, VA


“…for less money than your local mechanic.”

Why would you ever wait in a dealership’s or garage’s waiting room with stale coffee, last year’s magazines and cable news or some godforsaken reality courtroom show blaring when you can sit in the comfort on your own home (all right you’re still watching Hot Bench but it’s OK) while an expert brake specialist comes to your house and takes care of all four of your pads and refinishes your rotors (not resurfacing but makes things smoother and extends the life) for less money than your local mechanic, around 2/3 the cost. I called at 9am and the brake maven arrived by noon, done by 1pm, and cheaper while I stayed inside my own house passing my time with activities of my own choosing. High quality brakes, fast and professional service, lower price. That, mes amis, is the way it should be done.


Review by T J. – Arlington, VA


“…friendly and very patient.”

I use Yelp all the time!  It helps me narrow-down the best deals and gives me a first hand sense what the previous folks experienced.  (I showcase Yelp, first, because they keep me from wasting time and money.)
My first contact, Crystal (spelling uncertain), was friendly and very patient, allowing me to gather my paperwork, to field the questions she had for me.  (I’m taking care of this for a friend and had to search for some  info.) Appointment set.  I’m good.
The technician, Alex, was on time, on point, and at work, immediately.  He’s knowledgeable and efficient.  He got the task completed in 45 minutes and took his test drive, as projected.  I appreciate that.  We took care of the payment, remotely, and he was on his way.
All in all, a good experience…
(Hoping my review doesn’t sound generic… I was going to post my email, to back it all up, but decided not to…)


Review by Adam G – Fairfax, VA


“…done over 3,000 brake jobs himself”

I own a junk removal business and we have a lot of trucks that are used everyday. The amount of miles that we put on our trucks is insane! Everyone in northern Virginia knows that the traffic here is very heavy no matter what the time of the day and there is constant breaking anywhere you go in this area! Add the extra weight on our trucks and you can probably quickly guess that our brakes need constant attention.

We had a trucks breaks start grinding intensely out of nowhere and it seemed pretty serious because it smelled like they were overheating and making the vehicle jerk. Trying to figure out how to get this to a shop to get fixed was nothing short of getting it towed. It just wasn’t safe to drive it even a few miles.

I had heard about “The Brake Squad” through another business owner and so I thought I would give them a call.

From start to finish, this company GREATLY exceeded my expectations! Joe took my call and set up the appointment. Talk about customer service…this guy set up a time that worked perfectly for my schedule and said that they would come to me, I couldn’t do this with a shop. I would have to drive there, wait in line, and have to sit in a lobby watching whatever was on the one channel that’s playing in the background while drinking some stale coffee.

Not with this company! Alex showed up promptly on time, uniformed, a smile on his face, and guess what?!  He brought the entire “shop” with him in his Brake Squad truck. This guy had everything you could imagine and not imagine to fix any kind of issue dealing with brakes. I also noticed that he had done over 3,000 brake jobs himself due to the sticker on his truck. It looked like this company had given him an award for reaching an insane amount of brakes changed from this one particular employee. That alone made me feel comfortable that this guy knew what he was doing.

Not only did Alex find the problem quickly, he just as quickly had it fixed! I asked him some questions relating my brakes. I didn’t know someone could be so knowledgeable about just brakes.

“The Brake Squad” is a “Life Saver”!!! All five flavors!!!
The brakes work perfectly and my truck is back on the road working perfectly and most importantly safe!!!

They should be called “The Hero Squad”!!!  Thank you Joe, Alex, and the rest of the team for saving the day and my stress!

If you are a company with a lot of vehicles or just someone looking to get their personal vehicle’s brakes replaced….I cannot stress how awesome this company is!

I will be using them for every truck I own from now on! You guys have a loyal customer here!


Review by Dawn T. – Washington, DC


“…will definitely use them again.”

I love the Brake Squad! They’re super convenient and I’ve used them twice now. They came to my office building both times (different jobs, but once in Arlington and again in Fairfax) and were on-time and professional each time! This last time, I was assisted by Andre who was incredibly friendly, worked fast, and provided a thorough rundown of everything he did before and after completing the service. I will definitely use them again in the future and encourage others to do so as well! The convenience alone would give them 3 stars but they get 5 stars for superior service each time!


Review by Mike R. – Oakton, VA


“…expertise and transparency”

This is as good as it gets. Everything from the ease of setting up an appointment, pricing, and technician Alex are impeccable. Completely honest and am very impressed by their expertise and transparency. I am now recommending them to family and friends I love, not so much for the others :).

It is with a profound thanks that I write this. Brake and other repair services can play games. These folks may play Chess or Monopoly, but they don’t play the “games” unscrupulous individuals or companies are sadly known for. Thank you Alex and to these folks for an A plus service!