Review by Tony A. – Bethesda, MD


“Would give 6 stars if I could.”

Amazing service!  Andre was early for our appointment.  Service done in an hour and a half.  Rear and front pads and rear rotors.   Honest and transparent.  Told me I didn’t actually need rotors in the front because mine still had good life.  Saved me some $.  Will use them again and recommend to others.  Customer service us stellar too.  Refreshing to see how this business is run.  True professionals.  Would give 6 stars if I could.


Review by Paige B. – Woodbridge, VA


“…didn’t try to sell me things I didn’t need.”

If you ever need your brakes done ASAP … these guys are terrific highly recommend!

Not all of us have garages and the tools needed or even experience so I was quite pleased especially to book the appointment at 5:30 last night and have them show up before 9 AM this morning.  ( my appointment was for 9 AM Andre showed up at 8:50 and completed at 9:45.) My brakes began grinding quite badly yesterday so I was really grateful to have them to show up first thing this morning – Andre was done within an hour and I was off to work.  In addition, I appreciate it that they didn’t try to sell me things I didn’t need.

Andre – great job and I appreciate you.


Review by Rob B. – McLean, VA


“They did the job for $400 less.”

Our Ford Explorer needed new front brake rotors, pads and calipers. Every estimate we got from our local auto and tire service stations was $1200 plus. I decided to reach out to Brake Squad. They did the job for $400 less. In fact, the final cost was less than the estimate. No “up selling”, or added costs.

What’s more, they come to you – which I didn’t know when I called them for an estimate. The entire service was done right at our home – no losing the car for a full day, no dropping off and picking up the vehicle.

Andre was the Technician, and he was extremely professional, knowledgeable and very personable. He came out the same day we called for service. The weather was nasty, but that didn’t stop Andre from getting the entire job done in under 2 hours – and the brakes work perfectly.

We HIGHLY recommend Brake Squad and from here on out, they will be our only call when we need brake service.


Review by Lisa L. – Arlington, VA


“…already recommended them to friends and neighbors.”

The Brake Squad is terrific!  Very convenient!  The owner is so friendly and professional over the phone.  I had my front brakes done in May, and the back breaks today (July 6).  Andre was the mechanic both times. Not only does Andre arrive on time, but he even shows up a bit EARLY!  You won’t be stuck waiting with a window block of time.  When you make an appointment, they will be there!  Andre is a true professional; shows up with his green Brake Squad shirt and gets his work done in an efficient manner.  Andre came to my home, jacked the car up, and had all the tools he needed in his van.  In about 1-1/2 hours, my brakes were replaced.  In between the time I had the front and back brakes done, I had the “Low on Brake Fuel” warning light come on.  So I called and talked to Joe.  He assured me over the phone that I wasn’t in a dangerous situation and scheduled for Andre to come take a look at the earliest possible time.  Andre added brake fluid for no cost and explained why I ought to consider replacing the back brakes sooner rather than later.  I appreciate the convenience, professionalism, and fair pricing with the Brake Squad!  I’ve already recommended them to friends and neighbors.


Review by Calli W. – Vienna, VA



We just had two cars serviced because I was so impressed with the first. It was so convenient and the technician showed up on time and finished within an hour.


Review by Alexandria R. – Columbus, OH


“Thank you for such a wonderful experience”

They are absolutely fantastic. My husband took his car the dealership and they told us our whole brake system needed to be replaced and quoted us an outrageous price. I then looked online and found The Brake Squad and called them right away. My husband just got back from a deployment, and they were so accommodating to our needs and the extremely tight schedule we had. They came out to look at our car an hour after I called. The mechanic walked through the diagnostics with us and explained everything to us. He made sure we understood what was really wrong and what had to be done. He then proceeded to complete the work right away. They are professional, knowledgable, helpful, kind, and honest (which is hard to find in this industry). I highly recommend them to anyone, and I will continue to use them for any future work. Thank you for such a wonderful experience, The Brake Squad.


Review by Adam S. – Herndon, VA


“…for less money than your local mechanic.”

Why would you ever wait in a dealership’s or garage’s waiting room with stale coffee, last year’s magazines and cable news or some godforsaken reality courtroom show blaring when you can sit in the comfort on your own home (all right you’re still watching Hot Bench but it’s OK) while an expert brake specialist comes to your house and takes care of all four of your pads and refinishes your rotors (not resurfacing but makes things smoother and extends the life) for less money than your local mechanic, around 2/3 the cost. I called at 9am and the brake maven arrived by noon, done by 1pm, and cheaper while I stayed inside my own house passing my time with activities of my own choosing. High quality brakes, fast and professional service, lower price. That, mes amis, is the way it should be done.


Review by T J. – Arlington, VA


“…friendly and very patient.”

I use Yelp all the time!  It helps me narrow-down the best deals and gives me a first hand sense what the previous folks experienced.  (I showcase Yelp, first, because they keep me from wasting time and money.)
My first contact, Crystal (spelling uncertain), was friendly and very patient, allowing me to gather my paperwork, to field the questions she had for me.  (I’m taking care of this for a friend and had to search for some  info.) Appointment set.  I’m good.
The technician, Alex, was on time, on point, and at work, immediately.  He’s knowledgeable and efficient.  He got the task completed in 45 minutes and took his test drive, as projected.  I appreciate that.  We took care of the payment, remotely, and he was on his way.
All in all, a good experience…
(Hoping my review doesn’t sound generic… I was going to post my email, to back it all up, but decided not to…)


Review by Adam G – Fairfax, VA


“…done over 3,000 brake jobs himself”

I own a junk removal business and we have a lot of trucks that are used everyday. The amount of miles that we put on our trucks is insane! Everyone in northern Virginia knows that the traffic here is very heavy no matter what the time of the day and there is constant breaking anywhere you go in this area! Add the extra weight on our trucks and you can probably quickly guess that our brakes need constant attention.

We had a trucks breaks start grinding intensely out of nowhere and it seemed pretty serious because it smelled like they were overheating and making the vehicle jerk. Trying to figure out how to get this to a shop to get fixed was nothing short of getting it towed. It just wasn’t safe to drive it even a few miles.

I had heard about “The Brake Squad” through another business owner and so I thought I would give them a call.

From start to finish, this company GREATLY exceeded my expectations! Joe took my call and set up the appointment. Talk about customer service…this guy set up a time that worked perfectly for my schedule and said that they would come to me, I couldn’t do this with a shop. I would have to drive there, wait in line, and have to sit in a lobby watching whatever was on the one channel that’s playing in the background while drinking some stale coffee.

Not with this company! Alex showed up promptly on time, uniformed, a smile on his face, and guess what?!  He brought the entire “shop” with him in his Brake Squad truck. This guy had everything you could imagine and not imagine to fix any kind of issue dealing with brakes. I also noticed that he had done over 3,000 brake jobs himself due to the sticker on his truck. It looked like this company had given him an award for reaching an insane amount of brakes changed from this one particular employee. That alone made me feel comfortable that this guy knew what he was doing.

Not only did Alex find the problem quickly, he just as quickly had it fixed! I asked him some questions relating my brakes. I didn’t know someone could be so knowledgeable about just brakes.

“The Brake Squad” is a “Life Saver”!!! All five flavors!!!
The brakes work perfectly and my truck is back on the road working perfectly and most importantly safe!!!

They should be called “The Hero Squad”!!!  Thank you Joe, Alex, and the rest of the team for saving the day and my stress!

If you are a company with a lot of vehicles or just someone looking to get their personal vehicle’s brakes replaced….I cannot stress how awesome this company is!

I will be using them for every truck I own from now on! You guys have a loyal customer here!


Review by Dawn T. – Washington, DC


“…will definitely use them again.”

I love the Brake Squad! They’re super convenient and I’ve used them twice now. They came to my office building both times (different jobs, but once in Arlington and again in Fairfax) and were on-time and professional each time! This last time, I was assisted by Andre who was incredibly friendly, worked fast, and provided a thorough rundown of everything he did before and after completing the service. I will definitely use them again in the future and encourage others to do so as well! The convenience alone would give them 3 stars but they get 5 stars for superior service each time!


Review by Mike R. – Oakton, VA


“…expertise and transparency”

This is as good as it gets. Everything from the ease of setting up an appointment, pricing, and technician Alex are impeccable. Completely honest and am very impressed by their expertise and transparency. I am now recommending them to family and friends I love, not so much for the others :).

It is with a profound thanks that I write this. Brake and other repair services can play games. These folks may play Chess or Monopoly, but they don’t play the “games” unscrupulous individuals or companies are sadly known for. Thank you Alex and to these folks for an A plus service!


Review by Yanyan N. – Chantilly, VA


“Andre is very nice.”

Just got the rear brake pads replaced in front of my house. I mistakenly told them to replace my front brake pads but actually it was my rear brake that needed to be replaced. Andre is very nice. He explained things very clearly to me and came back again with the right parts to fix my car. I would definitely use them again.


Review by Shanae L. – Odenton, MD


“excellent customer service.”

Andre and Joe serviced my vehicles brakes today and although they were a little behind schedule they made up for it by offering excellent customer service. They both were apologetic and Joe (manager) was very willing to give me a discount for inconvenience of my time. Andre was very conversational and showed me how bad my brakes were when he pulled them off of the caliper. I would definitely recommend the brake squad to future prospective clients and I will be using their service again if need be.


Review by Steve M. – Germantown, MD


“Alex and Andre came to where I was…”

I’m very pleased with the job done by the Brake Squad. Alex and Andre came to where I was, in Springfield, VA and replaced the rear rotors and pads on my Ford Fusion Hybrid. They used ceramic pads and I’m very pleased. I highly recommend the Brake Squad for anyone looking for this service in the Virginia area.


Review by Chris B. – Fairfax, VA


“they do not regard you as a fool for trying yourself.”

Nothing but greatness. Coming from a guy who has DIY’ed everything on his own Mustang, I had to admit defeat to the brakes and picked these guys because of their previous reviews. Seriously though, they do not up-sell, push, or regard you as a fool for trying yourself. Highly recommend. Thanks a ton Joe.


Review by Mary H. – Annandale, VA


“…done within an hour while I was up in my condo working. “

This was, hands down, the best service I have ever used for my vehicle. So easy. Crystal and Alex took super good care of me. If I had a question or needed to reschedule, Crystal was always able to answer. Alex was always prompt and explained everything to me. I had to have my brakes looked at, I wasn’t exactly sure what was wrong. Alex explained I needed front brakes, rotors, pads, a brake hose and right front caliper and we scheduled another time to get all that done and it was done within an hour while I was up in my condo working. The price can not be beat. LOVE this service!


Review by Paul T. – Ashburn, VA


“…able to get me an appointment the same day.”

Wow, Crystal, Alex and Joe were fantastic. They got me all setup and saved me money on my brake job. This was the most convenient way to get your brakes done. Joe was professional and practiced safety while doing the repairs. The pricing was clearly conveyed and there were no unexpected cost. They were also able to get me an appointment the same day.

Joe did a fantastic job on my rear brakes and was able to adjust my parking brake which saved me money. I didn’t have to use my new parts. So now I can return them for a refund. I truly appreciate the recommendations that match the value!

I would highly recommend them to anyone!


Review by Alexander K. – Rockville, MD


“Excellent integrity, service, and speed.”

My squealing brakes have been bugging me for I’d say at minimum a year before I bit the bullet and had the replacement done. On very short notice, the owner Joe himself came out and very clearly explained to me what needed to be done and why each part was causing the issue.

He took the time to drive the car with me in the passenger side, inspect, explain everything (what and why), answer my questions, and ensured that the car had the noise eliminated on the second run after he had replaced the rotors and pads. He even spruced up the right caliper without a full replacement.

Excellent integrity, service, and speed. I highly recommend Joe and his team.


Review by Catherine M. – Arlington, VA


“…he didn’t rip me off.”

I went into the shop and found out my breaks were dangerously close to being unsafe to drive on. Of course, they priced me way too high so I was trying to find the best option that wouldn’t rip me off and would do a good job. Thanks to the power of Yelp, I found this place.

First things first, the convenience of this business is amazing. They showed up to my house on a Saturday afternoon at exactly when they told me they would. Alex came by, showed me that my brakes were truly as bad as the shop said. I appreciated him showing me these things so I know I’m not just being lied to. After that, he quickly fixed my brakes in literally under an hour and did a great job. At the end of the day, he didn’t rip me off, he fixed my brakes quickly, and he charged me less than what they estimated. 100% recommend this service.


Review by Joe G. – Vienna, VA


“Maserati Quattroporte”

I called the Brake Squad of Fairfax to have the front brakes and rotors for my Maserati Quattroporte replaced. They were professional throughout the process, from obtaining all original manufacturer parts at the dealership to arriving at my home early and finishing the job in a timely manner. It was a seamless and convenient process and I’d recommend them to anyone.


Review by Tumani T. – Washington, DC


“…recommendations with no pressure.”

After a failed appointment with another mobile brake service for unknown reasons, the Brake squad did an Awesome job! They showed up at the scheduled location at our scheduled appointment time, they were so responsive to all inquiries and provided great service! They provided recommendations with no pressure and completed the service while I was at work. Their other reviews speak for themselves. Call them instead of the others, you won’t regret it!


Review by Eric M. – Manassas, VA


“…quick and clean and he left no mess behind.”

After a bit of research, including checking out the Yelp reviews, I contacted the brake Squad. I was on my way home from work and it was about 5: 30 in the afternoon. Joe, the company owner, took my call and set up an appointment for later that evening, after their usual hours, at my house. His technicians were busy with other service calls, so he showed up himself to do the job. He was polite, professional, to the point, and friendly. He explained in detail everything that he was doing and why and offered me choices about which components could be repaired, those that required no work, and those that required replacement. His work was quick and clean and he left no mess behind. He finished with a brief test drive and he did not take payment until he was certain that I was satisfied with the work that was performed. To top it all off, his prices were very reasonable.  This was an excellent experience and I will be using his company’s services again in the future.


Review by Alicia B. – Reston, VA


“…absolutely the best!!”

I cannot say how happy and satisfied with them.  I got an overpriced quote from another mechanic. I spoke with Joe who was very pleasant and was willing to do whatever it took so that I could get the service done.  He arranged for split payments!!!!  I was so grateful.
Alex was Awesome!!!  He was on time,  he told me that I didn’t need my back brakes done.. Which the other mechanics stated.  He was quick and very sweet.
I recommend the brake squad to anyone they are absolutely the best!!


Review by Jessica O. – Fairfax, VA


“they were very accommodating.”

Just had our rotors repaired by Alex for the second time. Still awesome. He showed me what the previous rotors looked like and the new ones. He also let me know that there was about half life left in the padding, which I appreciated. He was done within 45 minutes. We had to change the location last minute to my parents house bc our AC broke and they were very accommodating.


Review by Tu V. – Washington, DC


“He didn’t try to push me to get the work done”

I just got all four brakes and rotors replaced this past weekend (5/26). I’ll update this review if anything should change, but as of right now:

1. Very responsive. I sent a question asking if they serve the DC area and they wrote me next day. They don’t, but they do service a location in VA that was only 12 minutes from me. It was still convenient and easy. We went to the Ballston Mall while we waited.

2. Punctual and timely. I didn’t have to wait. Alex was there before me and called to let me know where I could find him. It only took one hour to replace everything!

3. Honest. Alex checked my brake pads and said that I didn’t have to replace them right away. Dealership lied to us when we got our oil changed. Rotors were definitely not great, but was still safe and could wait until the brake pads were more worn down. He didn’t try to push me to get the work done that day. I ended up doing it because my wife drives long distance quite a bit and wanted it to be comfortable for her.

4. Friendly. When I called to confirm my appointment, Crystal was professional and very friendly even though I only booked a few days out and needed an early appointment. Lisa responded quickly to all my Yelp emails.

5. Reliable. I think this will be the case because another customer arrived while Alex was finishing up. I spoke with him and he said it was his second car and was very happy with the work on his first car.

CONS (not really a con)
1. Wish they serviced DC, but this isn’t really a con since it was still super easy to go to VA. Just mentioning this because I think they would have a decent market in DC. 🙂

Thanks again for making this super easy and the drive this weekend was super smooth.


Review by Matt S. – Arlington, VA


…”great job, from communication, to honesty, and a great repair.”

I spoke with a receptionist who was very nice and professional [Chrystle] who then said Alex, the mechanic, would call me back in 30-40 minutes to talk about my brake issues, and sure enough he did!  It is sad that I am getting excited about that due to tons of other places that don’t stick to their word, but it really is great when a company follows through with even the small things.  It means a lot to the customer.

Anyways, I called them because I had smoke coming out of my driver’s side rear brake system on my way to work one morning.  I had just replaced my rear brake pads and rotors myself, but when I was disassembling the brake system, I realized the calipers needed to be replaced as well.  Unfortunately, I did not have new calipers on hand and it was getting late, so I put the new pads and rotors on and was planning to replace the calipers at a later time.  I am a YouTube mechanic, meaning I’m not a mechanic at all, just handy, and I watch YouTube videos to fix my stuff.  But because I am not a mechanic, I did not know my brake system would look like it was about to explode because I installed new brake pads and rotors with a caliper that needed to be replaced.  Live and learn.

So, I pulled over and called The Brake Squad, and Alex called me back to talk me through what was going on.  Alex was a nice guy, he was patient while I was telling him what was going on, and he was very honest about what he thought.  He mentioned that he can’t promise anything until he inspects the car, but he agreed that it was probably the calipers.  I told him I was not comfortable driving the car and asked if he was available that day to come inspect and do the repairs.  He told me he was able to make it out by 3:30 pm that afternoon to inspect it and could try to do the repairs as well if he could.  I said that would be great.  I left my car in the parking lot with the keys on the tire and he made it out earlier than expected but he texted me when he was on his way and asked if I wanted to meet him there.  I could not make it due to meetings, but he communicated via text letting me know that he was inspecting the car, gave a diagnosis, asked for permission to replace rear calipers, and then let me know when the car was done and what the total for repairs was (he gave me an accurate ballpark beforehand).  He drove the car around to make sure brakes were working properly and told me where he left the car.  I got a reasonable rate on the repairs and my brakes have never been better!

The Brake Squad did an all-around great job, from communication, to honesty, and a great repair.  I would recommend them to anyone!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by James G. – Alexandria, VA


“I could not be more pleased”

Finding the Brake Squad was a blessing !  They saved me almost $1800 vs the dealership estimate !  Alex came out and test drove the car. He fixed all the problems in a professional and timely manner. I could not be more pleased with the process and results. I added their phone number to My Contacts immediately !


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Vonda M. – Woodbridge, VA


“He knew what he was talking about”

Joe arrived on time and very courtesy. He displayed high quality customer service. He knew what he was talking about and answered all of my questions and concerns. I recommend the brake squad, and Joe as the technician. I really appreciate great service.


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Adrienne G. – Arlington, VA


“Everything was very straightforward”

A car mechanic that’s respectful, fast, and not to mention easy on the eyes, I’ll take that any day over going to a shop

Booking was easy. Alex called to let me know he was on his way. Everything was very straightforward, no hidden costs, and most importantly, I didn’t get the runaround that is so common at car shops.

5 stars!! Highly recommend!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Scott C. – Herndon, VA


“everything stops and performs flawlessly.”

I was told by my regular repair shop that they have to replace rotors when changing out brakes, so I decided I needed a second opinion. Glad I stumbled up Brake Squad.

They checked my rotors,  and it turned out I’ve still got a lot of life left in them. This save me several hundred bucks. For the pads and installation the Rates were reasonable, and they were able to do the work the same day I called.

I’ve been driving it for a week, and I everything stops and performs flawlessly.

I’ll use the Brake Squad again. Well done!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Chong S. – Manhattan, NY


“my experience was just that great”

Listen to all the reviews.. these guys are legit.. super friendly, quick with their service and responses and just a pleasant group of people to work with period

These guys showed up to my job site as scheduled and within an hour .. hour and a half .. they were done

I really highly recommend these guys because my experience was just that great


The Brake Squad Reviewed by DJ B. – Falls Church, VA


“The customer experience was excellent…”

I was hesitant about having my breaks down by someone other the dealership just from previous experience, but the Brake Squad team did a wonderful job.  The customer experience was excellent, the mechanic that came over was extremely professional, honest, and friendly.

I highly recommend these guys if you just don’t have time or don’t feel like waiting at a service shop.  I definitely will continue to have my The Brake Squad guys service my cars in the future.


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Marcellus C. – Washington, DC


“done with the service in less than 30 mins!”

Very honest with what my car needed. Total came to $500 less than what the dealership was going to charge me. And they work fast! Was done with the service in less than 30 mins!


The Brake Squad Reviewed on Yelp by K Z. – Alexandria, VA


“set this up as a surprise for my husband”

Tried to set this up as a surprise for my husband, who was out of town. They were extremely nice, as I switched dates, times, and locations more than once.  Alex showed up right on time, and in the freezing cold, swapped out the brakes right in my driveway. My husband didn’t seem initially enthusiastic that I had someone other than the dealership touch his precious Audi, but he came around pretty quickly when I pointed out they were less than half the cost the dealership was going to charge us, and….they sent us a Christmas card with Gourmet Brownies for Christmas! Setting new expectations for Customer Service!!! Would definitely recommend them.


The Brake Squad reviewed on Yelp by Chris T. – Chantilly, VA


“Courteous and clean…excellent pricing.”

I have used the brake squad 2x now and will never go to another brake shop unless I have to. Fast,
Courteous and clean…excellent pricing.


The Brake Squad reviewed on Yelp by Katy W. – Washington, DC


“I was able to get ready in the comfort of my home for the day while my car was getting worked on”

DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE! I was so very happy with The Brake Squad. First off, Crystal was amazing. And she was so honest, I had called her about 4-6 times? Asking her numerous questions. I took my car to Midas and Merchant tires-Both lied and both quoted me $754-968 to get my brakes repaired. I had Midas look at my car put it on the lift and tell me I needed done to my car. I called spoke with Crystal, right off the bat she was helpful honest and very informative. I had to change my appointment several times, and they were patient and accommodating.

Once the tech arrived, I went through the check list of what I was told I needed. And I am thinking, since I am a female they are going to stiff me. Nope. The tech went through the check list with me, and said no you don’t need that, this or that. So no brake flush, no front brake replacement. All I needed were my rear brake pads changed. So I went from $754-968 to $268.00 for my 2012 Honda Civic. My car was only at 34,000 miles so clearly I was being lied too by Midas and Merchant tires. Not to mention the quality customer service vs The Brake Squad, by far royal treatment.

I noticed some reviews on here say they were quoted one price and given another. First it is hard to diagnose over the phone? So, unfortunately ball park is what you are going to get, plus every car is different depending on what the “issue” is once the car is looked at, a quote is given off what they hear you say not what they see. The brake Squad is not trying to rip you off. Why are they less expensive from competitors? Because they don’t pay the overhead, and labor and and rent! That is why, they are honest and do not want to gouge the customers. Just fyi the labor rate currently is $110-125 in the DMV area, so you are paying the salary of people at Midas or Merchant tires. I am sorry, but I refuse to pay that labor rate especially since they are rude, and these places are disgusting and dingy. I was able to get ready in the comfort of my home for the day while my car was getting worked on (25-40 mins) and that was it. Off with my day! Use them, I am telling you I was so very happy with them!


The Brake Squad reviewed on Yelp by Annie M. – Alexandria, VA


“A+ for good communication, respect, honesty, integrity and speed.”

Amazing service! So easy to set up the appointment. Alex was on time and took the time to tell me exactly what I repairs my vehicle needed. I am clueless about cars and another company could have easily had me do work that I didn’t really need. Yes, yes, it’s true- they came right to my house, right to my driveway (even in the cold!) and the replacement was done in less than 1 hour. A+ for good communication, respect, honesty, integrity and speed. I will never use another brake service again and will tell everyone I know about The Brake Squad!


The Brake Squad reviewed on Yelp by Sara E. – Fairfax, VA


“No one made me feel dumb or talked down to”

This business is incredible! Not only is the idea of it awesome (especially for a stay-at-home mom), but the customer service itself was excellent and I really appreciated that everyone I spoke with was very respectful. No one made me feel dumb or talked down to, which is how I usually feel at the car mechanic. Fast, convenient, quality service and professional, kind employees. Doesn’t get much better than that.


The Brake Squad reviewed on Yelp by Debbie J. – Franklin, TN


“This company is a gem!!”

Joe, the owner, answered my distress call even though they were technically done with appointments for the day. I tried to schedule an appointment for The next day and just rent a car, but Joe wanted to come out right away to save the rental car expense. He quickly diagnosed the problem and explained, in terms I could understand, what was needed. My brakes are now repaired and tested and I am amazed!!

This company is a gem!! They are friendly and go out of their way to help. Their prices are very reasonable and THEY COME TO YOU! I cannot say enough about how great this experience was.

Thank you, Joe!


The Brake Squad reviewed on Angie’s List by Chris T. – Falls Church, VA


“Only wish I’d called them first!”

Service was excellent. After trying (and failing) to get appointments at other businesses, I called the Brake Guys and got a prompt response. They quoted me a very good price and scheduled the appointment for the next day. Alex came to my office, inspected the car and pointed out exactly what I needed. I was able to split the payment in two for a nominal fee, which really helped as well. The work was done while I worked in my office, and completed in less than 2 hours. I couldn’t be happier with the results! Only wish I’d called them first!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Zayed C. – Sterling, VA


“…required no work on my end.”

Very impressed with their team. Alex came on time, as scheduled. He explained to me what the issue was. We replace the rotors on my 2012 Honda Odyssey with a 30 to 40 minutes and with a reasonable price. Other than payment, this required no work on my end. Very happy with the service.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Tam L. – McLean, VA


“I drive an Audi A6 and went with them no hesitation.”

I would definitely recommend. Setting up the appointment was a breeze. I got next day service on a Saturday. I sat in a Starbucks and got some work done and in less than 2 hours the job was done. The price was more than fair and much less than dealership and another shop I usually go to. I drive an Audi A6 and went with them no hesitation. I had all 4 pads and rotors replaced.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Taylor L. – Leesburg, VA


“Will use again!”

Joe came to my work and did an amazing QUICK job on my pads! Not only was the service priced great he got there in 30 minutes!! If not less! He was awesome recommend 100%!!!! Will use again


The Brake Squad reviewed by R K – Fairfax, VA


“…he was patient and let me watch…”

Due to a history of bad experiences at car repair shops, I’m one of those people who try to do as much as I can for my car on my own using guides on YouTube. Brakes, though, are a critical part of your car’s safety and I wasn’t comfortable doing that on my own, but I was also not sure about going to a brick-and-mortar mechanic because I can never be certain that they won’t screw me over.

A quick Yelp search brought up Brake Squad, and the reviews were really good. I decided that calling for a quote shouldn’t hurt me, so I called. Joe was very helpful and informative on the phone. He explained the process and gave me a run down of the pricing, and then emailed me the quote. My dealer wanted $360 for my front brakes (new pads plus resurfacing old rotors) and $160 for a brake flush. Parts and labor for replacing brake pads AND [NEW] rotors was only $100 more with the Brake Squad and a flush was $129 – a good deal considering they come to you.

Alex was courteous, friendly and accommodating, considering it was Friday afternoon and traffic in my area is crazy. Also, I like to ask questions and get involved in the process, and he was patient and let me watch as he flushed my car’s brake fluid and replaced my front brakes. After everything was done he took the car for a test drive and then I paid for the service with credit card right there. Note: they don’t accept Amex or at least, prefer other cards – don’t blame them, Amex charges a lot in fees and this can be rough on small businesses.

Overall, I am satisfied with the experience. Oops, almost forgot to mention. The whole service, brake flush and changing front brake pads and rotors, took about 45 minutes. Really fast work!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Raj – Oakton, VA


“I didn’t know that Brake squad existed…”

I would like to thank Brake squad team for doing such a wonderful job with regards to fixing my BMW’s brakes. I didn’t know that Brake squad existed until I stumbled upon them during an online search. Special call out to Joe (honest and very professional) for the workmanship. I wish I had known about Brake squad earlier as I could have saved lots of $$. Right from the call to the fix, everything got done in few hours. Thanks once again – Brake squad team.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Kyle E. – Fairfax, VA


“…ease of using this service.”

Couldn’t be happier with the ease of using this service. They are professional and fast. Would use them again.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Steven F. – Ashburn, VA


“Quick, professional, honest”

Quick, professional, honest quality service provided by a friendly technician. The cost was very fair and the work was performed in the estimated one hour. There was no attempt to sell me other services or products. I will highly recommend the Brake Squad and will be using them for all my future brake work.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Karemia D. – Fairfax, VA


“They’ll always have my business”

I’ve never known or experienced such professionalism and kindness with any other business EVER!!!! I honestly feel like family because that’s how they’ve always treated me. Through difficult times they’ve honored payment plans and fixed my brakes immediately. They’ll always have my business and loyalty.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Kevin L. – Derwood, MD


“…I’m VERY particular about my car.”

I bought a brand new 2017 Corvette Stingray in early December. One of the few negatives about the car is the amount of brake dust that the Z51 brake pads produce. After a ton of research I found a good set of ceramics as a replacement. Only thing was that I would need to run them through an extensive break-in procedure immediately after being installed. Since there aren’t many auto shops in the area that are in the vicinity of suitable roads for the procedure I started looking around for mobile installers so that I could have the work done in a low traffic area. The Brake Squad had the best reviews of any place I could find so I gave them a call. The person that worked with me over the phone was Danielle. Very nice lady and super helpful. She made an appointment for me to meet up with Joe for the installation.

I have to admit that I get nervous any time someone works on my car. It was not cheap and I am not rich! Joe put my mind at ease. Before he jacked the car up I asked if we could look over the owner’s manual to make sure we were following the manufacturer’s recommendations on the procedure. Didn’t mean to insinuate that he didn’t know what he was doing and worried that he would take it personally. He had no problem with my request and we basically confirmed what he already knew.

The install went quickly and the brakes work flawlessly. I’m a very picky person and I’m VERY particular about my car. If I can trust these guys to do the work then I think anybody would be happy with the service.

Highly recommend.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Seth H. – Fairfax, VA


TESLA ROADSTER !!!!!!!!!!!

Super, super service! Joe came exactly when he said, and did a meticulous, absolutely perfect job replacing my rotors and pads (with an upgrade system I’d purchased) on my Tesla Roadster. Couldn’t possibly have been better!


The Brake Squad reviewed by David C – Washington, DC


“… right off the bat I could tell he and Lisa knew what they were talking about.”

Bottom Line Up Front: Stop looking for another brake service provider and book an appointment with The Brake Squad right away!  There is a reason why The Brake Squad has a 5-star rating; they are the epitome of what service providers should strive to be – friendly, honest, communicative, quick, affordable, and convenient.

My wife and I were just talking about how disappointed we’ve been with customer service lately, but thankfully The Brake Squad far exceeded our high expectations!  I normally do the majority of mechanical work on our cars because I don’t trust the dealerships, nor most mechanics, especially whenever my wife has to be the one to take the cars for service since she’s not a car person and somehow a $29 oil change turns into a $500 “preventative maintenance” visit.  However, sometimes I’m just too busy to do the work so I research all options and cautiously let others do the work (often even providing my own parts to avoid high markups).

I called to get a quote and additional information; Lisa was SO friendly, thorough, and was able to get us on the books within the same day.  I explained what I thought was happening and she suggested sending a tech to take a closer look before recommending a final course of action ($50 inspection fee that is waived if they perform the work).  We then received an email confirming our appointment and the name of the tech, Alex.

Alex called me about 30 min before the scheduled appointment time and asked if he could come a bit early?!?!  This blew my mind – most of the time people arrive hours after the appointment or never at all.  While on the phone we discussed the detailed notes that Lisa had taken (right off the bat I could tell he and Lisa knew what they were talking about) and he gave me an estimate (parts, labor, tax) that was only $45 more than if I had provided the parts myself.  Mind blown a second time!

About an hour later I get a call from my wife saying that Alex had just left and all she had to do was hand him the keys.  He checked ALL brake components during the visit, replacing only what truly needed to be replaced, and the final bill was exactly what he had quoted me.  He even left a gift card to be used on any future services.  My wife’s brakes are now silky smooth and we have the piece of mind that all parts and labor are covered by a 12 month warranty.

They have gained a customer for life and I will recommend them to anyone needing brake work!  Thank you and great work Lisa and Alex!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Andrew M. – Alexandria, VA


“…saved me hundreds of dollars.”

My oil change mechanic told me that my brakes were worn out and I needed new rotors and pads. I promptly contacted brake squad because – 1) they have great reviews 2) they come to your house! and 3) they specialize in brakes.

Scheduling the appointment was quick and easy. When the mechanic came out, he looked at my brakes and said they were fine. He took the time to show me what a worn out brake pad looked like and how mine was still in great condition. Brake squad is an honest company and saved me hundreds of dollars. I will absolutely be using them for my future brake needs. Thanks!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Mike K. – Arlington, VA


“Within an hour they had me all fixed up…”

The team at the Brake Squad was extremely helpful and provide great service.

I attempted to replace my rear drum brakes myself. I’m mechanically inclined but ended up getting stuck halfway through. I took it to a local mechanic and they were able to complete the  work but I did not feel like they were done correctly. So I called up the Brake Squad and they were able to come out quickly and tell me what I feared in that the brakes weren’t correctly adjusted to operate properly. Within an hour they had me all fixed up ready to go. Very pleased with the service Lisa, Joe, & Danielle provided.



The Brake Squad reviewed by Michael T. – McLean, VA


“…you restored my faith in american business…”

Just met Joe, what a blessing it is to meet a young professional who exudes honestly integrity, character, and a host of other great values with every step in the process.  I start the review with Joe, because his values clearly define the values of the business, and its operations.  I’m thrifty, and not always as trusting as i could be.  Joe, by himself, reinforced everything that i thought this company might be.  Talked to Mrs. Joe on the phone….honest, knowledgeable, personable..perfect.

Now for the work.  I have replaced pad’s, rotors and and calipers in the past.  i heard about the hourly rate and was testy, just because i’m cheap.  Joe knew the unique aspects of this particular vehicle, had his materials in place and the car jacked up and ready in just few minutes.  a few more minutes, and the wheel was off, rotor was off, caliper off, pads out…and he was cleaning the caliper and preparing….i didn’t want to be rude and time him, but i wished i had….world record…and despite how, and i want to be careful with this term, fast he is….. fast implies hurried, and he was as relaxed as i was sipping on my coffee….he was so efficient.  few trips back to the truck….first wheel done……started the second wheel, i yawned….opened my eyes, and he was done with wheel two.. ok, kidding.  here’s the deal,  we didn’t get close to using up the hour.  he finished, tested, replaced fittings, torqued the wheels and handed me the bill.  i was actually happy to have it in hand, because i was happy to pay him.  and i’m not happy paying anybody.  Great people, make great organizations.

Brake squad….impressed me thoroughly. Thank you so much Joe, you restored my faith in american business……and cost me less than my boys at a local tire, battery, and alignment shop by $30.  i was happy to give that man my money…can’t believe it.  I have “FAITH” in this company!  Use, i’m going to drive a lot this week, wear out my brakes on my other car and get him back.


The Brake Squad reviewed by John L. – Herndon, VA


…”above-and-beyond excellent customer service.”

In good or tough economy, any business is not easy. But with the above-and-beyond excellent customer service like yours, I’m confident that your business will only grow and thrive. Thank you very much for taking the time to come by, not once, but twice to resolve my issue. I appreciate you taking the extra steps to take care of the service and making sure that all issues have been resolved completely. It is with my true and sincere gratitude that I extend my thanks to you and the company. Your genuine and kind service is precious. You certainly have a true loyal customer for years to come from me as well as any other people who will need brake services in my network!

Thank you very much for your excellent service and expertise.  And, God bless!


The Brake Squad reviewed by David C. – Fairfax, VA


…”Brake Squad promptly identified the issue.”

I had warranty service done with Brake Squad due to a brake heat shield that [was rubbing the rotor]. I had the dealership [try to] diagnose earlier and [they] did not find the problem, however Joe came out from Brake Squad promptly identified the issue and fixed it. I really appreciate the team at Brake Squad for their commitment to customer service! Thanks Joe and Team!


The Brake Squad reviewed by – Allison E. – Arlington, VA


…”not had any problems whatsoever.”

Very pleased with this company and their service!

We reached out to this company to change the brakes on our Jeep Grand Cherokee. We have now had the brakes on the Jeep for a year or so and have not had any problems whatsoever. The mechanic that showed up was professional, quick, and everything else we could ask for.

Highly recommend this company.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Jason D. – Fairfax, VA


“All the local shops were already closed. I called The Brake Squad and…”

Absolutely the best auto related service we’ve ever received. Needed last minute brake service completed one evening at the end of the work day. All the local shops were already closed. I called The Brake Squad and it was received by owner Joe, explained the situation and he agreed to come out himself and take care of it. As if I wasn’t already asking for last minute brake and rotor replacement, they were also willing to take care of another vehicle we had in need of the same service as well. All work done right there where we lived and where the vehicles were parked. Never a hint of disappointment that we called them at the end of the day and the work would take them into afterhours. Joe and Lisa were absolutely amazing to deal with and the work/service was impeccable. Can’t thank these guys enough and they’ve just earned themselves guaranteed repeat service customers. Thanks again guys!!!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Ingrid M. – Manassas, VA


“At first I was skeptical, but…”

What a convenient service to offer! Great team, they treat you with care, professionalism, and most importantly with honesty!
Not only do they offer affordable prices but they also make clear and honest recommendations for your vehicle.

At first I was skeptical, but they are licensed, and provide quality work.

Great service!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Jessica O. – Fairfax, VA


“definitely worth it”

So easy to make an appointment and the convenience of not having to go anywhere is definitely worth it. Would highly recommend.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Joe D. – Potomac Falls, VA


“Bravo Brake Squad”

Thanks so much for sending Alex out to replace our brakes today on our 2007 Lexus LS-460.   Not only did Alex arrive early for the appointment, but was able to complete the job in less than an hour!   Alex was very professional; the job extremely well done; and the results outstanding – the car feels like new!   We’ll be sure to call you whenever we need the brakes on any of our vehicles replaced or repaired…Bravo Brake Squad and Alex!!…


The Brake Squad reviewed by David Z. – Fairfax, VA


“did not try to upsell me on anything “

This was the absolute best auto repair experience I have ever had. Seriously. Joe came to my house. Arrived on time. Diagnosed the problem, provided the options, did not try to upsell me on anything I didn’t need and performed the service in no time. He even checked out my other car and gave me recommendations on the timing of future repairs.
This is the way auto repair should be. No waiting in a shop waiting room. No upsell or feelings of being ripped off. I would recommend Joe to anyone, anywhere.
Thanks for your professionalism, honesty, speed and quality, Joe. Great job!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Janet P. – Fairfax, VA


“they come to you in a fully-equipped van”

These guys are great. I’ve been driving for over 45 years and the Brake Squad provided the best brake service I have ever experienced, by far. Joe and his crew are professional, courteous, and friendly. My car was dead in the water because of a brake failure. The Brake Squad is totally mobile – they come to you in a fully-equipped van. They had me back on the road in a few hours. They know brakes inside and out. They use the highest quality replacement parts. When I saw that they did the repairs onsite, I didn’t even shop around for pricing. Based on my driving experience, their prices seem comparable to the brick and mortar stores.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Pam C. – Ashburn, VA


“I have more money in my pocket because I sought out The Brake Squad”

Recently, one of our cars was seen by an auto shop in Ashburn for a squeaking noise at the front of the vehicle. Upong it being evaluated, I was told two different stories in a matter of minutes, hence my husband decided to seek out a second opinion as we just didn’t trust what we were being told. Boy am I glad I did!

Joe came out to my home (yes, I said it – they come to YOU) and told me right away that I didn’t need new rotors, I just needed the front brake pads as they had been worn down significantly. In less than an hour the work was done and my car is good as new (in the brake department…can’t say for the rest of the 10year old car).

Joe is very professional and trustworthy. And his concept of coming to you to do the brake work is fantastic. It was so convienient and quick. Most importantly, what I paid for his work was $200+ less than what I was quoted, so I have more money in my pocket because I sought out The Brake Squad instead of going where I normally take my automobiles.

You will not be disappointed, please consider this when your car is squeaking and you suspect you have brake issues.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Steve V. – Fairfax, VA


“not having to leave your vehicle at a repair shop is priceless”

I had rotors & pads on my 2007 Lexus replaced yesterday by The Brake Squad and the whole process from placing the order on the telephone to the actual installation was absolutely seamless. The price was very competitive but coupled with the luxury of having the work done at my home and not having to leave your vehicle at a repair shop is priceless. I highly recommend the Brake Squad!!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Rick D. – Centreville, VA


“knew exactly what he was doing very professional.”

I had the brake Squad come by and install a set of calipers on my 2004 Armada. Alex came and went probably in 45 minutes very thorough knew exactly what he was doing very professional. And price was reasonable too. I will definitely use them again in the future if I need to.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Joanne W. – Fairfax, VA


“$150 less than the place we usually take our car!”

What a great idea!! Alex at the Brake Squad came the same day I called and replaced our pads and rotors for $150 less than the place we usually take our car! And we didn’t have to sit there and wait 1 1/2 hours! Terrific! Plus I got a gift card for the next job for reserving online!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Robert K. – Annandale, VA


“saved me a day wasted at a shop”

Amazing! Came on the minute promised. Came at 0900 and finished 1000, One hour to do both front rotors and pads as well as flushing the brake fluid. Brakes feel and work perfectly. Also received a $10 discount card for next service. Reasonable costs and saved me a day wasted at a shop. Highly recommend this service.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Jill C. – Washington, DC


“Booked an appointment the same day”

Great experience with The Brake Squad! Booked an appointment the same day. Service was fast. Reasonably priced. Joe was so nice and really took the time to explain everything to me. I would highly recommend them!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Chas C. – Sterling, VA


“Ultimately, my wife has piece of mind”

A prompt honest service.  Alex arrived as schedule, preformed a visual inspection and test drive.  He explained that no service was needed.  Ultimately, my wife has piece of mind and I am only out the service fee.  I respect the communication and highly recommend the service given estimated rates, convenience, and reputation.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Mark J. – Washington,DC


“I took my lunch break and it was done.”

The Brake Squad guy Alex just left my office. Five stars. I was worried I would need new brake pads, but it turned out to only need a brake flush, which was much less. Alex was nice, honest, and knew exactly what he was doing. Took about an hour. No wasted day, no mechanic telling me I need a total overhaul for $1500 when the brakes are fairly new, no “I found something else.” I took my lunch break and it was done. Great service.


The Brake Squad reviewed by Teresa B. – Fairfax, VA


…The Brake Squad was there that same afternoon.

I called Brake  Squad to perform an inspection and if you use them for the brake service (and you should), they will apply the $50 inspection fee to the  follow-on service!!  I have already scheduled the service for a  following date!!  Alex was thorough, pleasant, friendly and patient (I had a lot of questions!).
Two weeks ago, I went to Car Stealership #1 to have a simple, yet over-priced oil change and low and behold, the service rep says in a concerning, yet scare-tactic-like voice, “Ms. So-and-So, during our ‘complimentary’ zillion-point, thorough inspection, the tech found that your front and rear brakes need to be replaced, along with the rear calipers. I wouldn’t wait to do this!”  I can’t quite remember the exact total cost but it was at least $1000, with the rear calipers alone costing $526.00.  I declined and had a lovely lunch at Panera.  A week later, I went to Car Stealership #2 to have a service light checked.  As I waited for the oh-so-predictable upsale from the service tech, all he said was I would need rear brakes soon.
So, yesterday, I searched Yelp, Google, FB and AngiesList for reviews of reputable, honest and certified brake repair businesses. Each search led me back to the overwhelming great reviews of the Brake Squad.  I will be honest, I was concerned about have some dude I don’t know working on my brakes…. Oh wait…. that is what I have been doing at Car Stealership #1 for over 10 years because they change service managers like a new-born baby’s diaper!  So, I decided to give Brake Squad a call. The initial first impression was just outstanding.  I spoke with Danielle who patiently listen as fumbled through Car Stealerships #1’s “must do now”  recommendations.  I will say, I don’t know a caliber from a caper (well, I do know what a caper is and I don’t really like them!).  Anyway, after giving Danielle my make, model and year she provided me several quotes based upon different brake services but she offer another service, the “Brake Inspection” for $50.  I accepted the service and Brake Squad was there that same afternoon.  I was concerned about the quality of parts as I have done most of my services at the Car Stealership because I try to use OEM parts.  Danielle explained that they use OEM equivalent parts and there is a 12 month warranty on labor and parts! Alex called and asked if he can come early and I said sure!  When he arrived, he politely introduced himself and explained what was about to happen.  He didn’t seem to mind that I had a bunch of questions and he showed me the pad wear, etc.  Alex checked my car out for about  30 minutes I believe.  Long story short (or not so short, LOL!), Alex advised that I needed to replace my rear rotors and brake pads.  (Note:  my rotors had been resurfaced previously.)  The total was $499.00 (plus I can deduct the  $50 brake inspection fee).  I am scheduled for the follow-on service!  I will update my review when that service is complete.
UPDATE 12/29/2015
Alex arrived on time as expected.  Once again, I was impressed with the professionalism!  He installed rear rotors and rear brake Pads.  It was done right in my garage for about an hour.  It probably could of taken less time, if I hadn’t once again, talked him to death!
THANK YOU Alex and the Brake Squad!!!

The Brake Squad reviewed by Nathan G. – Burke, VA


Another satisfied customer!!

This is the 2nd time I have used Brake Squad. Hands down, the BEST auto service I have ever received.(both times). They are quick, professional, with quality service at a price that can’t be beat. Most of all, they are HONEST(which is rare these days in auto repair). I had my prius in the dealer for a recall…the service advisor recommended Front and rear brake replacement to the tune of over $1000. I declined and reserved with brake squad. When Alex showed up, he inspected the front brakes and explained there was plenty of wear left on the front… need for replacement at this time. He replaced the rear pads and rotors in about 45min. The price was under $450…the price I was quoted for both front/rear was $750(well under dealer price). I HIGHLY recommend Brake squad and will use them again next time I need brake work!! Also props to Alex for a job well done. Another satisfied customer!!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Brian D. – Merrifield, VA


Excellent service and the brakes work perfectly now.

Great concept executed extremely well.  I put a request in online on a Sunday because the brakes went out on my 2002 Chevy Tahoe.  They called me by 8:30 am Monday, quoted a price and scheduled for 11:30 am appt.  The technician arrived at my work 15 mins early and got right to work.  He replaced rear pads and rotors within an hour.  Excellent service and the brakes work perfectly now.  I also called a brick and mortar repair shop and the price they quoted was higher than Brake Squad.  I highly recommend!  So convenient!


The Brake Squad reviewed by Dennis S. – Centreville, VA


An honest mechanic? Are you kidding me ?

An honest mechanic? Are you kidding me ?

I still can’t believe how great this experience was. I tend to have higher expectations than most when it comes to businesses I do business with and The Brake Squad did not disappoint.

This past Sunday I decide I can’t put off dealing with the brake issue on my car any longer and start searching the internet for the not only the best deal but someplace that also has a good reputation. I come across The Brake Squad. A mobile brake service. Hmm, interesting concept. OK, I’ll bite.

The online estimate/ quote process was nice and easy. My CX-5 has 67K on the clock with the factory brakes. I think I need four new sets of pads and I may need new rear rotors as they appear a little scored. I think I am looking at about $550 (including new rotors). Seems fair. I decide to pull the trigger and try this new-fangled way of getting mechanical work done on my car and let the mechanic come to me instead of me blowing hours sitting around a shop while I wait.

Scheduling was a breeze. The scheduler called me Monday morning and we were able to schedule and appointment for the very next day at my office at 10am. She confirms the estimate.  About 920 Alex calls and says he’s ahead of schedule and can he come early ? Sure, no problem.

Alex shows up and proceeds to inspect the brakes. First words out of his mouth are “you don’t need new front pads; you still have about 30-40% left.”

I’m sorry, what did you just say?

When was the last time a mechanic tried to save you money?

Then he talked about the rear rotors. “I’m not sure you need new ones. They don’t look scored. I think what you see is just material from the pads that has been transferred to the rotors through the heating/ cooling of the brakes. I’ll try to buff it off first.”  There he goes again with that crazy talk about saving me money.

I return to my office to get some work done. I check on him about an hour later to see his progress. He’s finishing putting the second wheel back together.

Nope. Didn’t need new rotors. All the material I thought was scoring was gone.

He does a quick test drive, pronounces the job done and gives me the bill. Less than $300. Oh, and here’s a gift card towards your next service when you decide to get the front’s done.

Wow. Seriously, when was the last time you had your car worked on that you didn’t feel like you were somehow getting hosed ?

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I don’t give out recommendations easily. I will recommend The Brake Squad all day long.


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Teresa B. – Manassas, VA


“The initial first impression was just outstanding.”

Bottom Line:
Call these guys and gal (Danielle) NOW!!  You and your wallet will greatly appreciate it!! I had a brake service inspection ($50) to determine what brake service(s) I really needed because my intuition was telling me the Car Stealership was feeding me a bunch of bologna (well, I actually like fried bologna sandwiches, LOL!)  But none-the-less, the Car Stealership was telling me that I needed $1000+ of brake service which had to be done immediately!  So, I called Brake Squad to perform an inspection and if you use them for the brake service (and you should), they will apply the $50 inspection fee to the follow-on service!!  I have already scheduled the service for a following date!!  Alex was thorough, pleasant, friendly and patient (I had a lot of questions!).

Long Version:
Two weeks ago, I went to Car Stealership #1 to have a simple, yet over-priced oil change and low and behold, the service rep says in a concerning, yet scare-tactic-like voice, “Ms. So-and-So, during our ‘complimentary’ zillion-point, thorough inspection, the tech found that your front and rear brakes need to be replaced, along with the rear calibers. I wouldn’t wait to do this!”  I can’t quite remember the exact total cost but it was at least $1000, with the rear calibers alone costing $526.00.  I declined and had a lovely lunch at Panera.  A week later, I went to Car Stealership #2 to have a service light checked.  As I waited for the oh-so-predictable upsale from the service tech, all he said was I would need rear brakes soon.

So, yesterday, I searched Yelp, Google, FB and AngiesList for reviews of reputable, honest and certified brake repair businesses.  Each search led me back to the overwhelming great reviews of the Brake Squad.  I will be honest, I was concerned about have some dude I don’t know working on my brakes…. Oh wait…. that is what I have been doing at Car Stealership #1 for over 10 years because they change service managers like a new-born baby’s diaper!  So, I decided to give Brake Squad a call.

The initial first impression was just outstanding.  I spoke with Danielle (sp?) who patiently listen as fumbled through Car Stealerships #1’s “must do now” recommendations.  I will say, I don’t know a caliber from a caper (well, I do know what a caper is and I don’t really like them!)  Anyway, after giving Danielle my make, model and year she provided me several quotes based upon different brake services but she offer another service, the “Brake Inspection” for $50.  I accepted the service and Brake Squad was there that same afternoon.  I was concerned about the quality of parts as I have done most of my services at the Car Stealership because I try to use OEM parts.  Danielle explained that they use OEM equivalent parts and there is a 12 month warranty on labor and parts!

Alex called and asked if he can come early and I said sure!  When he arrived, he politely introduced himself and explained what was about to happen.  He didn’t seem to mind that I had a bunch of questions and he showed me the pad wear, etc.  Alex checked my car out for about  30 minutes I believe.  Long story short (or not so short, LOL!), Alex advised that I needed to replace my rear rotors and brake pads.  (Note:  my rotors had been resurfaced previously.)  The total…wait for it…. wait for it… $499.00 (plus I can deduct the $50 brake inspection fee).  I am scheduled for the follow-on service!  I will update my review when that service is complete.  I promise the update review will not be as long!

UPDATE 12/29/2015
Alex arrived on time as expected.  Once again, I was impressed with the professionalism!  He installed rear rotors and rear brake Pads.  It was done right in my garage for about an hour.  It probably could of taken less time, if I hadn’t once again, talked him to death!   THANK YOU Alex and the Brake Squad!!!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by T P. – Fairfax Station, VA


” I’m a repeat customer (3 times so far)…”

These guys are the best. Prompt, polite to a fault, great prices, high quality parts and service. And THEY come to YOU at a time convenient to you! Alex was outstanding – he said we could wait a little longer on the brake flush when he could have easily convinced me to spend the money before it was really necessary. I’m a repeat customer (3 times so far) and I’ll keep using this great company.


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Matt B. – Arlington, VA


“…great job with replacing all 4 pads and brake sensors on my Porsche…”

Joe came out on-site to my office.  He called me right before and did a great job with replacing all 4 pads and brake sensors on my Porsche Cayman.  He was fast but thorough completing the job plus testing the work in a little over an hour.   The price was great and much lower than other shops in the area.  I would definitely have them perform the work again.


The Brake Squad Reviewed by William V. – Alexandria, VA


“How about sitting in your living room while they take care of your brake issues…”

Joe just left our house. He replaced the pads and sensors on my BMW 750i. The experience from inception to execution was flawless. One can always read the reviews, but do we really know how the transaction will work out. Well what I can tell you is Joe got the job done in about 40 mins and did it with a welcoming demeanor and pure professionalism! You will NOT find this type of QUALITY service with the “pirate” craigslist mobile brake folks. I’ll take quality and convince any day over a few bucks and poor materials.

There was never a question on part price or what the entire job would cost when the phone estimate was given. It was all 110% correct right down to the tax. Save your day give them a call. Hate filthy waiting rooms in brake repair shops, gas stations or fix-it shops? How about sitting in your living room while they take care of your brake issues – nuff said right, call’em!

When I think of The Brake Squad now that I’ve done business with them – I think PRO!

I’ll call them again and again when we need our brakes taken care of.

Thanks guys!!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Chris E. – Arlington, VA


“Fast, efficient, effective, affordable.”

Fast, efficient, effective, affordable. They came right to my house, and actually came in below their initial estimate. The repairman informed me that I didn’t need the work that I had initially thought I did! How’s that for a touch of honesty in the car repair business? I don’t know why I would ever pay more to leave my car in a shop (when it could be unsafe to drive to begin with) when I could just have someone come to me. 5 stars.


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Noelle L. – Portland, OR


“This was super easy…”

This was super easy and I was able to get so much done since they came to my house!  Alex was fast, friendly and efficient and the cost was far less then my local garage recommended.  Great service!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Sandra S. – Sterling, VA


“…was a little nervous about trying them but I could not have been happier.”

This was the perfect solution to my needs!  They were professional from the first call to the follow up email after the work was done.  Called on a Friday night got a live person.  I was pleasantly surprised we had an appointment for 8:30am on Saturday.  Alex, called because he was running a few minutes late.  Showed up and explained everything to my husband and did the brake work.  The price quoted was exactly what they charged.  Just drove the car and the brakes feel great.  I was a little nervous about trying them but I could not have been happier.  Give them a try very professional and convenient!!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Heather W. – Centrville, VA


“…3 hours later.”

Called when they opened. Had new rotors within 3 hours later. Awesome service and worth not having to schlep the car anywhere in suburbia.


The Brake Squad Reviewed by John B. – Fairfax Station, VA


“VERY PLEASED with this cool business model!”

Loved this service.  Called at 7pm  and spoke to a LIVE person.  We spoke briefly and I confirmed the appointment for the next morning.

Alex showed up on time.  The work (a complete brake and rotor job on my TAHOE) was complete on time.

These guys show up at your location, play some tunes :-), and do GREAT work.  I signed off on the work prior to my card being charged, and they emailed me a receipt.

VERY PLEASED with this cool business model!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Yevhen N. – Pentagon City, Arlington, VA


“Would definitely recommend!”

I called them today to get my rotors replaced. Joe showed up at the time he promised. After inspecting the brakes he said that rotors are fine and the problem is really with the brake pads( even though they are new, just not the best quality).
Anyways, Joe was able to fix the old pads and now the squealing noise is completely gone! All for very reasonable price!

Would definitely recommend!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Christina P. – Arlington, VA


“…I cannot say anything but great things about this business.”

I just had brake repair done by Alex this previous Saturday and I cannot say anything but great things about this business. Not only is it convenient (they come to you vs having to sit in a shop all morning), but it is cost effective as well. My dealership quoted me a laughable amount for a front brake pad + rotors repair that I knew I could get for a lower price at independent car shops. I did some searching, got some quotes, and Brake Squad was the best price. From the time I got the appointment set up with the managing office to Alex’s spot-on arrival time, the Brake Squad team members I interacted with were friendly and honest about their pricing.

In addition to getting the repair done in less time than anticipated (front brake pads + rotor installation took all of 40 min!), I received a $10 gift card to use at the next time I need their services. This was the first time I’ve been really impressed with an auto repair business out in Virginia as most are not honest about their hidden costs and are not nearly as friendly. I will be recommending Brake Repair squad to my NoVA friends and family who need efficient and effective brake service done at a fair price.


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Chavella B. – VA


“… service took less than an hour.”

The Brake Squad was very efficient and courteous from my initial phone call, to the service tech performed my repairs. It was very convenient to have them replace my brakes while my car was parked at work. The service took less than an hour. I’ve already recommended their services to my co-workers and plan to use them in the future! Thanks Brake Squad!!


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Tom and Sandy T.


“It has been over 10 months now, and the braking performance is exceptional.”

I must confess, I should have posted this review last summer.  The Brake Squad came to mind immediately after I had my emissions done at Curry’s when the service advisor recommended that I replace my brakes and rotors soon on my BMW 550i.  Last summer, Joe (owner of the Brake Squad) inspected the brakes on my BMW X5, provided me his expert recommendation (with an estimate far less than my BMW dealership’s service shop), and personally performed the work all at my convenience — right on my driveway.  It has been over 10 months now, and the braking performance is exceptional.  My entire experience with the Brake Squad has been nothing less than exceptional, and I am going to call them shortly to schedule a brake service on my other BMW 550i.

If you are looking for an honest brake inspection, estimate, excellent replacement parts and service, all at a very reasonable price, — far less than the dealership and local brake shops — Joe and the Brake Squad is highly recommended.  I have referred two of my co-workers and their family already, and they were very satisfied.


The Brake Squad Reviewed by Eric B – Fairfax, VA


“…checking my brakes in the freezing cold…”

I’m hard on my brakes, so I suspected I was due for new brake pads. I found Brake Squad on Yelp with great ratings. The ratings are accurate.

I wanted an inspection and, if he found something, to make the repairs/replacement. The tech showed up *early* for my appointment. He walked me through the steps he was taking, explaining how things should and shouldn’t be, as well as giving me a basic run-down of brake performance. He said my brakes were still good and gave an estimate on when I would need service. Price was reasonable for a guy coming to my house and checking my brakes in the freezing cold and explaining everything to me.


 TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brooke L. – Falls Church, VA 


“…while my daughter napped inside…”  

This is by far the only way to get your brakes repaired. I will never go anywhere else. The sales woman on the phone was super friendly and answered all my questions (I had a lot). The gentleman who did the service was clear about all the pricing options. He was fair in his assessment of the brakes and didn’t try to up-sell me anything I didn’t need.

Best part is that I was able to do all of this while my daughter napped inside. How awesome is that!  And to top it off – they have me a gift card towards my next purchase and emailed me a receipt for easy record keeping.

 There is no reason to ‘go’ anywhere else!


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Tina T. Fairfax, VA 


“How awesome is that?!”  

So my brakes started making weird scraping noises about 2 weeks ago. I was getting pretty paranoid that maybe I did something wrong and something underneath my car or even my muffler was hanging down. However, the scraping noises only occurred every time I would break my car and it worsens when it’s raining (which lately it’s been rainy/gloomy). When my friend heard the noise herself, she was telling me it sounded like my rotors/break pads and that I should try to take care of it ASAP.

Since I had the whole Christmas week off, I decided to try to look around yelp and get an estimate at how much this would cost and I got a free quote from Joe. He told me the price of what it would be if it was my rotors & break pads and if it was just my break pads. I loved this because I know exactly how much it would cost up front to ensure I had the money for them.

Joe had schedule an appointment on Christmas Eve and Alex (I believe) came out to my condo and did the repairs.  I am pretty pleased with the results and glad that I don’t have to hear that awful scraping sound again!  It’s also a plus that they come to your house or work place! How awesome is that?!


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Tierra H. – Centreville, VA 


“could not have gotten a nicer person on the phone” 

When I called and told my mom, “I had The Brake Squad come out to my house and replace my brakes,” her response was, “Only you would research and find someone to work on your car the same day you called them, while you patiently waited inside, not exposing yourself to the elements.” Yup. That’s me. It was cold and I wasn’t really feeling wasting a whole day in a dirty waiting room somewhere while they took 2+ hours to do my brakes.  

My Honda CRV’s brakes were making noise, so I knew I had to get them replaced ASAP. Of course, I got on Yelp somewhere around 11 AM and found The Brake Squad. I called and could not have gotten a nicer person on the phone. Joe explained that they use ceramic brakes and what the difference between ceramic and metal brakes was. I asked  him if I could get them to come out that day, and I was surprised when he said they could. My appointment was going to be at 4. 

Well, it was about 2:45 and my husband and I were out and about, something like 10 minutes from home. I got a call from Alex saying that he was running ahead of schedule and that he wanted to come early, if he could. Well of course!  

Alex arrived at my house in 20 minutes and got to work. I was afraid I’d need rotors (EXPENSIVE!!!!!) because every time I have ever gotten my brakes done, they always tell me I need rotors too. Alex was honest and told me I didn’t need new rotors, but it would help to resurface them, which was way cheaper ($30). He also checked my back brakes and said I had about 4 months til I needed new ones and that I would need rotors at that time as well. It’s nice to know something like that in advance, because that’s a considerable cost.  

Alex had my vehicle done in 30 minutes. He was fast and friendly and honest. I’ll be calling them to do my back brakes when the time comes for that.


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Dan R. – Rockville, MD 


“If only all car repairs were this easy, effortless, and enjoyable”  

While they currently only service Virginia, they were willing to take care of me if I could drive to one of the locations where they service an organization’s entire fleet of vehicles. I was quoted a time of 1hr 40min. They were done in about 68min. All 4 brakes, all 4 rotors replaced. Originally it was going to be just the front rotors and all 4 pads, but when they pulled off the back rotors and I saw those stress fractures in the metal… Well, it was a no-brainer. I had them do it all. 

There is no up-selling. They only do brakes. I checked around and their prices are competitive with everyone else who gave me a quote in Maryland. Their Yelp ratings are as good as it gets because their service is as good as it gets.

If you live within their service area, then I’m sure you can just imagine driving your car to your destination with your worn out, spongy, and possibly squealing breaks. You arrange for these guys to come to your office while you are working or to take care of you while you shop at the mall. When you are ready to leave, your car is ready to go with you. Now, how good would that make you feel compared to the old way of doing things? Personally, I’m feeling pretty darn good about my choice right now. Saved over $100, got everything taken care of during my lunch hour, and I got top of the line service (they let me watch and ask questions). And yes, I’m definitely doing business with these guys again.  This was the best non-routine vehicle service I’ve had in a very long time. If only all car repairs were this easy, effortless, and enjoyable…


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Rich B. – Fairfax, VA 


“Do yourself a favor and call them” 

I had to get my front brake and rotors replaced on my car before safety inspection a couple of weeks ago so I called about 10 different places on a Friday evening at 6:30 PM.  Was able to get quotes from about 8 places including The Brake Squad.  I spoke to Joe and he gave me good information about their service.  After all the quotes, The Brake Squad guys were the most competitive and from what I understand, use better premium parts than most places.  Even though it was a Friday evening, Joe said he could be at my house the next day, a Saturday morning.  I mean if that isn’t a fast turn around time, I don’t know what is.  So I’m thinking better quality brakes, great pricing and I don’t even have to go anywhere and sit and wait on a Saturday?  Sign me up! 

Joe and his colleague Alex showed up the next morning, a little late but beyond their control and went to work.  Before hand, he explained the work to be done and also showed me why this was the case.  It gave me a better understanding of how to determine just by look and touch, when the brakes need to be replaced.  Once they began, it took about an hour to replace front rotors and brakes and reset my brake sensors.  They cleaned everything around the area and there was no trace of having work done right in my driveway.

I was honestly a little skeptical about having brake work done on the spot at my house but Joe and Alex were very professional and did a great job.  I will absolutely be going back to them for my next brake replacements and highly recommend them to anyone needing the service.  

You’ll be surprised how great their pricing is and how easy they are to work with.  Do yourself a favor and at least call them.


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Adam K. – Burke, VA


“They gained a true customer!” 

Absolute awesome service! I was hesitant at first to use this company because I always thought you had to go to a garage for brake work. I’m glad I did though. I saved hundreds from what the dealership quoted me, and the technician was very professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Showed up five minutes before scheduled time as well. They are extremely honest by letting me know that I didn’t even have to change my front to brake pads if I didn’t want to, but I would have to in a few thousand miles. That shows they’re there to give good honest service and not take advantage of you; something you don’t see often these days. I’ll definitely use again. They gained a true customer!


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Sherry K. – Burke, VA 


“Promt, Courteous, Professional” 

Called yesterday, outside my front door this am. Prompt, courteous, professional. Would strongly recommend them to anyone. Much better than sitting in Midas all day. Prices very competitive. Joe is very knowledgeable. Great job!


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Elaine T. – Centreville, VA 


“Doesn’t try to sell you things that you don’t need” 

I called The Brake Squad, Inc. on Saturday morning and Joe came to my house that afternoon.  He inspected my brakes and pads, showed me my brakes and pads and gave me an honest explanation.  Joe told me that I didn’t need the front brakes immediately and that I wouldn’t need the rotors for awhile.  I chose to go ahead and get the front brakes and pads for several reasons.  Joe didn’t try to “sell” me brakes.  He wasn’t out to make a quick sale for something I didn’t immediately need.  I was going to need the brakes in the near future and while the rotors were a little further out, I chose to go ahead and get the front brakes and pads.  I’m so glad I did.  After Joe’s explanation about the brakes, I felt very comfortable with my decision to go ahead and have Joe put them on.  This is the first time I actually understood about the service I was receiving (definitely didn’t get that from any dealership) and the first time I felt like I was purchasing something I actually needed for my car.  Usually when I get any service for my car done, I walk away wondering if it was a waste of money.  Not this time.  I told Joe I think the Brake Squad is a brilliant idea.  They came to my house and will even come to your job.  How much more convenient can that be?  I didn’t have to sit at the dealership for hours and wait for them to put the brakes on only to come out later and tell me I had a dozen other things “they felt” I should have done.  The Brake Squad doesn’t try to sell you things that you don’t need.  Thank you again Joe for your honesty and excellent service. 


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Meghan C. – Falls Church, VA 


“…very knowledgeable”

Great!  Joe is very knowledgeable and started with an inspection of my vehicle.  He then walked me through each rotor and brake pad to explain why or why they should not be replaced.  Joe is very professional and I would use this service again.


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by David G. – Springfield, VA 


“…He Conquered our Pro” 

Joe came and evaluated my brakes. I thought the front pads needed replacing, but it turned out that they were good, but the rears were pretty worn. The main problem was that the car had been sitting too much and so the rotors had developed some surface rust and pitting. Joe burnished the rotors which removed the rust, and now the car drives smooth as silk. If we keep the car long term there is absolutely no doubt we will call on Joe again to have the rear brakes replaced. Highly convenient, professional and cost efficient! He came, he saw, he conquered our problem. Nuff Said!


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Chris E. – Ashburn, VA 


“I Have Recommended The Brake Squad…”

This was a great experience.  The Brake Squad came to my office and replaced my brakes while I worked.  All services were done as expected and explained and at the cost quoted. This would have cost me hundreds more in lost time if I had to drive to a shop and wait for them to do the job. I have recommended The Brake Squad to all my co-workers and family.


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Shannon B. – Fairfax, VA 


“…extremely pleased with this service”

I was extremely pleased with this service.  The initial call and appointment set up was handled quickly and professionally and the actual service was top notch.  Joe explained some of the things about the inner workings of brakes and brake fluid to me.  He was punctual and efficient with his time.  I would definitely use this service again in the future!


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Cindy K. – Herndon, VA 


“Time is Money!”

Joe was very professional and responsive with all communication.  He assessed my vehicle did need new pads on the front and back and promptly replaced.  Great honest, quality and service at a very affordable price.  Having the ability to continue to perform my own work while he took care of my vehicle was super- and what a time saver.  Time is money!!  Highly recommend.


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Beth D. – Springfield, VA 


“I Have Now Seen the Light!” 

I was first hesitant about mobile car repair, but after reading the wonderful reviews, decided that I will try it out since going to the shop is such a hassle.  I have now seen the light! This repair was so convenient and would recommend this service to anybody I know.  My appointment was scheduled for the following day 6 pm. He arrived a little early, which I said the day before would be fine since my daughter would be home.  I arrived home around 6:15 since the metro was behind, and he was already half way done.  He was very friendly and professional, so I scheduled another appointment due to my need for back brakes.



TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Chris E. – Ashburn, VA


“Highly Recommend”

“Joe replaced my front and rear rotors and brake pads…IN MY DRIVEWAY! Called yesterday and he was here by 2:00pm today. Not only is this a fantastic concept and an under served market, Joe executes exceptionally. Probably the first time a mechanic has shown me the issues with my brakes before recommending the course of action. I highly recommend Joe and the Brake Squad.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Amy W. – Reston, VA


“…Excellent Service and had a fantastic experience”

“The brake squad came to my home and drained my existing brake fluid, flushed the system, and replaced it with new fluid. They also did a comprehensive inspection of Rear and front brakes to see if my 99 Jeep Cherokee required any additional brake maintenance. This is an excellent service and I had a fantastic experience. My brake technician was on time for my Saturday morning appointment And began working promptly at 9 AM. He gave me a thorough explanation of everything he was doing and showed me exactly where on the brakes there were signs of wear and Deterioration. That said, he noted that my brake pads did not require replacement at this time, and did not attempt to up-sell me on additional services. He was able to very quickly and efficiently replace all of my brake fluid and was gone within an hour. I was able to use a credit card to pay which was convenient. I will definitely use this service again and can’t imagine going to a actual brake repair center to sit and wait while my car Is worked on when I can Enjoy the convenience of someone coming to my own home to do the same job at a very competitive price.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Robert G. – Reston, VA


“Great, honest and professional crew!”

“We originally had a Groupon deal for Dulles Automotive to replace the disc brake pads. They told me my brakes were shuddering (they were not) and I needed new rotors too even though my car just passed state inspection. I cancelled the deal. Brake Squad checked my SUV, found the rotors were fine and my pads had less than 25% life left on them. Exactly what I thought. They replaced the pads and I will definitely call them again for my other car. Great, honest and professional crew!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Megan M. – Herndon, VA


“Very honest man, Very honest company”

“My husband’s car was making an awful screeching sound, and a man at a repair shop he took the car to told him it was a bolt that just needed tightening. My husband tightened every single bolt in the engine, and the noise was still there. I looked up some brake places online, and came across The Brake Squad. After reading the reviews on their webpage, I was sold. We were told the tech would be at our house between 9 and 11, and he showed up at 9:05am. Here’s where the story takes a turn. After taking all the wheels off and examining the brakes, he saw that the brake pads and rotors were fine, so he put everything back on and decided to take it for a ride to see if he could tell what the problem was. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention to him that the door locks automatically, even with the key in the ignition (faulty door locks, my fault for not mentioning it). He felt so bad and immediately called his boss, Joe, who offered to come out and pop the door open so I didn’t have to go through my insurance company. Joe arrived and tried to get the door open, to no avail. I called my insurance company to have them come out (I have road side assistance, it would have been free), but Joe insisted that they pay for a locksmith, and he already had one on the way. While waiting for the locksmith, Joe took the tires off again and found that there was small rust build up on one of the rotors that was rubbing against the dust shield, and that’s what was causing the screeching. He pulled the dust shield away from the rotor, the locksmith came and unlocked my car, and Joe wasn’t even going to charge me the $50 assessment fee! I insisted on paying, as I knew it would be $50, even if it wasn’t the brakes, and even though it wasn’t the actual brakes, Joe took it upon himself to fix the problem anyway. “

Very honest man, very honest company, cheaper than we would’ve paid had we gone to an actual repair shop, AND I got to sit inside my own home with my two little girls. I can’t believe I got so lucky as to stumble across these guys. Will definitely call again, whenever I need my brakes repaired.


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Sandra D. – Centreville, VA


“Very professional and …recommend highly”

“We had numerous estimates on one of our “squealing” cars from all is fine to you need all new rotors for $1500.vWe read about the Brake Squad here on Angie’s list and decided to give it a try. First, the estimate was done online and then we set up an appointment. They were able to come to our home on a Saturday. They checked the car for the squealing noise, then discussed new brake pads, and cost (very close to their original estimate). On our “squealing” car the two front rotors needed to be replaced and [they] showed us exactly the problem. It was recommended that we did not need to get the rotors right away, but our concern was the flaking rust that would eventually cause the brakes to [over heat and] warp. We have to admit this was excellent service and all done within two hours. Very professional. Will definitely use again and recommend highly.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Timothy J. – Merrifield, VA


“Awesome job …”

“My name is Tim; I had my brakes serviced by Aaron on Friday September 6, 2013. I would like to tell you that Aaron did an awesome job on my brakes and rotors Friday afternoon. He was pleasant and very informative. If you can get ten more [employees] like Aaron I could see your business going to the next level. Thank you guys so much and I wish you and your team of brake techs the best.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Gilbert S. – Vienna, VA


“Excellent knowledge of the braking system …”

“Thank you for my receipt. I was very please with your service. Both of your service reps very professional, they had excellent knowledge of the braking system and answered all of my questions. They were on time, tremendously efficient and very neat in their personal appearance and the appearance of their vehicle and tools that they used.

The price of your service although higher than I expected was still significantly below other service station or brake repair shop cost. Compared to the dealer service cost it is 1/3 of Mercedes cost for the same job.

The amount of time saved by having to take the car to a repair shop and either wait or come back to pick it up later is another very strong benefit of your service.

Also, complements to your advertising it was very effective on the Golf channel.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Isabelle J. – McLean, VA


“… Thank you!”

“I recently used The Brake Squad to take care of my brakes and was very impressed with the service. They come to you (home, office) which is extremely convenient, do a great job and charge less than your favorite mechanic! I love the concept and from now on they have my business… Thank you!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Becky E. – Leesburg, VA


“… Made my life so much easier!”

“Thanks “Brake Squad” for coming out Tuesday to my home and replacing my brake pads. The service was extremely professional and it made my life so much easier!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Jeff S. – Alexandria, VA


“… Happy with their service”

“I had an estimate from another shop of $1000 to fix my brakes. I fully expected to pay this when I contacted The Brake Squad. They came out to my location, ON TIME, and looked at my brake problems. After inspecting my brakes they explained everything going on and recommended repairs much less than the previous shop. My brakes work great. I appreciate the time they took to explain the repairs and why they did and did not do what the other shop recommended. I will use them again. Car repairs can be scary since most of us don’t have a clue on what needs to be done. I recommend contacting them if you have brake problems. You will be happy with their service.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Lynda G. – Arlington, VA


“… Excellent”

“On time, efficient, did not recommend unnecessary repairs. Clean up – excellent. Very fast.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Ryan W. – Chantilly, VA


“Extremely professional, punctual, an personable.”

“Genius idea and expert execution. I lost my brakes completely the other day and had to park my vehicle outside of work. Not knowing where a decent brake shop was I Googled brake repair and The Brake Squad came up as a mobile brake repair option. After speaking to them on the phone I found out the company I work for they are a customer and I could be happier being a customer of theirs. Extremely professional, punctual, an personable. The tech showed up exactly when they said they would prepared to complete the job. They replaced my two front rotors, front brake pads, bled my lines and ordered me a new abs controller. I was more than impressed with the level of service and the great information I got about brake systems during the service. I will absolutely recommend them to anyone I encounter who requires brake repair or service and I plan on using them any time I need service. Thanks guys this is a great service you offer.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brian B. – Chantilly, VA


“… pleasant, friendly and honest”

“My brakes had been shuddering pretty badly for weeks when I decided to have Joe and the Brake Squad repair them. They gave me an estimate very quickly and arranged the appointment to come to my house at a time most convenient to me. Joe arrived on time, confirmed his diagnosis and repaired my brakes in about an hour while I stayed in the comfort of my home. My brakes work great with no more shuddering. Joe was pleasant, friendly and honest. I couldn’t be more pleased and will plan to call them next time.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brandee H. – Manassas, VA


“What a refreshing experience!”

“I called The Brake Squad because I loved that they provide home service and getting to the repair shop and sitting for hours is not my idea of time well spent. I was careful to read through reviews and was happy to see words like fair, honest, efficient and knowledgeable were throughout all the reviews.

Joe arrived promptly at the scheduled appt time and was friendly. He assessed the situation, carefully showing me exactly what he was referring to on my car as the cause of the problem. I’m happy to say he told me I didn’t need the amount of work I originally anticipated and only did what was necessary! The service was quick, and there is no trace of anything left in the driveway!

Not only is this a convenient business, they are honest and that’s so important esp since I’m totally naïve to car repair! When I do need the other work done- I’m calling them! In the meantime I’m referring friends- and you yelpers! What a refreshing experience!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Zach M. – Burke, VA


“Highly recommend The Brake Squad to everyone!!”

“Hands down best experience I’ve had with any auto repair. Not only do they come to your house, but they are fast and extremely fair. I called around for price quotes and his was much lower then the competition. I highly recommend The Brake Squad to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Kevin G. – Manassas, VA


“Thanks again!”

“I felt the need to write this quick note of gratitude to Joe and I want to take a moment to commend you on the quality of your workmanship, service, and the very knowledgeable and personable person you are. I sincerely appreciate that posture of being most concerned with the customer, than with the possibility of more work. There are too few people in your industry with that attitude. I appreciate your honesty and experience, which put you above the rest. I was pleased to receive your very reasonable estimate and was excited to hire you to install my brakes and rotors at my workplace in College Park, Maryland. Thanks again!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by J. K. – Falls Church, VA


“The best car repair service”

“I will second the sentiments already posted about this being the best car repair service I’ve had:
1. THEY come to YOU.
2. They are CHEAPER than a repair shop.
3. They are great at what they do.
4. They are honest. (I definitely thought I needed 4 brakes replaced, turns out it was only the 2 front).
5. Did I mention that they come to you?
This seriously requires no thought: I’ll never use anyone else for brakes, ever.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Richard S. – Leesburg, VA


“…Excellent service, quality, and know-how”

“The brake squad got me out of my jam. I tried to “do it myself” and got stuck halfway through. I called the Brake Squad and they scheduled an appointment immediately, drove to my house and fixed my brakes.

The technician could not have been nicer or more professional. It was an embarrassing situation for me, but there was no judgment or awkwardness. He went right to work, figured out my issue, and went well above and beyond by dealing with the mess I made and straightened everything out.

I have a Jaguar, and there are some “engineering challenges” with the brakes on these cars. The Brake Squad had the right tools, know-how, and experience to get the job done right.

Many thanks to The Brake Squad for excellent service, quality, and know-how”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Mitchal S. – Ashburn, VA


“Above and beyond expectations…”

“Above and beyond expectations. Anyone who has had their brakes done understands the dread of not knowing if they’re paying for necessary repairs, or if more work is being done than necessary. I heard grinding in my front brakes and assumed I was going to have rotors replaced.

When Joe arrived he gave me an honest assessment, and instead of taking advantage of my preconceived notion of paying 800 dollars for new rotors, cheerfully told me what the problem was, and changed only my brake pads. He was enjoyable to work with and arrived when he said he would. I recommend him to everyone who appreciates saving time and money.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Shawnda K. – Sterling, VA


“Super nice…”

“Joe is super nice. He makes you feel comfortable and he is downright honest. I gave him the wrong specs on my car and he still was able to work things out for me. He makes getting brakes as pain-free as possible. I would look nowhere else to get your brakes done. As long as he is in business, he will have my family’s business.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Heather W. – Fairfax, VA


“… Strongly recommend”

“The Brake Squad Mobile Brake Repair Service had received high ratings and exceptional reviews and that is why I chose them over anyone else. Joe scheduled my appointment right away and arrived right on time. I loved the convenience Joe provided by coming to my home. He provided excellent service and gave me a tutorial as to what was wrong with my brakes and gave me a better understanding as to what to look for in the future. I would use this service again and I would strongly recommend Joe to anyone who needs their brakes serviced!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Matt R. – Fairfax, VA


“Professional, prompt, efficient and friendly…”

“Joe was great: professional, prompt, efficient and friendly. I asked him if he minded me watching him change my brakes and he had no problem at all explaining each step to me.

Price was more than fair and the service was super convenient!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Denise R. – Fairfax, VA


“Very convenient service”

“The Brake Squad is a very convenient service. The technician comes to your home on your schedule and performs the repair. Joe was courteous, helpful and efficient. The service uses top quality products at prices far below what the dealership charges. I highly recommend this service to anyone who values their time, money and safety.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Christopher B. – Hyattsville, MD


“I am very happy!”

“I would recommend the Brake Squad for anyone who needs brake service. They came to my job and changed both front and rear pads within 45 minutes. Joe was great and explained everything. I am very happy!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Dave K. – Reston, VA


“Simple, convenient way to service the brakes”

“The “Check Brake Pad” indicator came on in my Range Rover last week, so I gave Joe from The Brake Squad a call. Joe went through the options with me over the phone, ordered Akebono pads for my truck in advance of our appointment, and came by my office to complete the work just a few days later. I’ve never experienced a more simple, convenient way to service the brakes on my vehicle. Joe mounted the pads, and replaced my OEM brake sensors all in about 45 minutes, and I never even had to leave my desk. His prices were extremely reasonable, I could not be happier with the service I received. Would absolutely recommend Joe and the Brake Squad to anyone in need of brake work.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Laura C. – Fairfax, VA


“Pleasant automotive repair experience.”

“Called Saturday morning and my brakes were fixed by noon. Joe was very thorough in explaining what he was doing as well as other issues that he discovered. He replaced the front brakes and also checked the rear brakes. Finally a pleasant automotive repair experience. I wish the Brake Squad Mobile Brake Repair did other car repairs! Will definitely recommend to my friends!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brian H. – Fairfax, VA


“What a good decision!”

“I took my car into a local shop for a safety inspection and it failed on the front brakes being worn down. The shop was asking for a lot of money to fix it, so I decided to give the brake squad a try. What a good decision! Joe scheduled an appointment for the very next day at a time that worked best for me. He came and got the job done right in my driveway while I had dinner with my family. It doesn’t get any easier than that. To top it all of, the price was WELL below what the shop had been asking for, and Joe didn’t cut any corners, putting on high quality pads and lubing the system for optimal performance. Why have anyone else do your brakes?”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Ross B. – Fairfax, VA


“This service is awesome!”

“This service is awesome! Joe came to my office to fix my wife’s brakes and it only took about an hour and was reasonably priced (no bait and switch). I would recommend this service to anyone who needs brakes and doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of getting a ride or missing work!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Linda L. – Herndon, VA


“Highly recommend”

“I recently got a used car and had a pre-purchase inspection from a dealer that required about ~$1200 in brake “repairs.” Thankfully, my mom had Joe’s brake squad in mind from the time she had issues with her brakes on her Lexus. Joe showed us the brakes on my used car and explained how they worked. The dealer said the drum had to be machined or replaced and the shoes had to be replaced; however, Joe showed us they were just fine. They also said the brake fluid was really dark; however, again, Joe showed us the dealer was wrong. He helped us save a lot of money and I would highly recommend Brake Squad to my friends. If I have any other brake problems I would definitely use them again (if I’m in the area).”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Grant L. – Arlington, VA


“Great Job”

“I called Joe and was able to schedule the meeting the next day. He came to my office and was finished within an hour. He did a great job and used top notch products for my brakes and rotors. I would definitely recommend Joe and the brake squad team to everyone!”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by Brian B. – Chantilly, VA


“Great experience”

“I had a great experience with the Brake Squad. Not only did they provide an expert brake repair for my Camry’s front brakes but explained everything in detail and were very honest in the work they performed.

My brakes were shuddering pretty badly so I notified Joe. He correctly diagnosed the problem and replaced the rotors and pads while I stayed comfortably in my house…it couldn’t be more convenient. He showed up on time and explained everything in detail. I’ll plan to use them again.”


TheBrakeSquad Reviewed by LeeAnn M. – Gainesville, VA


“… Prompt and professional service”

“I called in the middle of winter. I knew I needed new rotors, but, Joe insisted that he wouldn’t sell them to me if I didn’t need them. Joe was prompt and on time. He checked my rotors and brake pads and showed me why I needed them to be replaced. He was very patient with his explanation to me and I completely agreed. I love how they do everything in your driveway. With a little one at home, the last thing I want to do is sit all day at a repair shop. I love the convenience and professionalism with The Brake Squad. I would definitely use them again. I’ve told all of my friends about their prompt and professional service and most important, their honesty.”