Our highly trained Brake Specialists come to wherever your car is located and service your brakes on the spot.
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The Brake Squad is unlike any other brake repair company. We understand the danger that comes when traveling with bad brakes, and we strive to lessen the risk involved for our customers. Unlike other auto brake repair shops, our company will travel to any location in the northern Virginia area and change your brakes on the spot.

Whether at your home, office or in a parking lot, our unique auto brake repair service keeps customer cost and safety in mind. No longer will our customers have to pay expensive fees to have their cars towed to a shop for a simple brake change, and they will no longer have to put their lives at risk by driving on bad brakes.

Brake Pad Repair

The Brake Squad has years of brake repair experience. We pride ourselves in our workmanship and expertise, ensuring that our customers will be satisfied with all of our brake pad repair work. The Brake Squad’s brake specialists are highly trained professionals who undertake their job with the customer in mind.

The Brake Squad

Having a highly trained Brake Squad specialist come to your home or office for brake pad repair has many benefits. First, our service strives to save the customer money by coming to you and eliminating any transportation fees that may be applicable when having to travel or having a car transported to a shop. Second, our service works around the schedule of our customers.

By making a Brake Squad appointment, our customers do not have to take time off work or find a babysitter to have their brakes repaired. Finally, our brake repair services ensure that customers no longer have to travel on bad brakes. It can be dangerous to drive an automobile once the brakes show signs of deterioration, and our services eliminate the need to drive on deteriorating brakes for a simple repair.