Our highly trained Brake Repair Specialists come to wherever your car is located and service your brakes on the spot.
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The Brake Squad is an experienced team of brake repair specialists that caters to customers’ desire to have a repair service travel to them. Where other repair companies require customers to come to them and deal with the hassle of figuring out how to fit dropping off a vehicle into an already busy schedule, the Brake Squad brings the experts directly to a customer’s home or office to provide convenient repair services and eliminate the need for a customer to go without a vehicle.

Brake Services in Virginia

The Brake Squad offers a variety of different brake services and types of new equipment to be used on a customer’s vehicle.

New brake pads and shoes allow a car to perform better and will take care of any noise problems associated with old, worn brakes. The latest ceramic brake technology can be used to increase reliability and reduce the possibility of brake dust.

While some brake repair specialists suggest that customers have their brake rotors resurfaced, the Brake Squad understands that this service can result in a dangerous scenario. The Brake Squad only uses new equipment that is of the highest quality to guarantee the safety of drivers.

The Brake Squad Repair Specialists

The Brake Squad was founded on the principle that customers in Virginia should be allowed to receive high-quality, affordable brake services without having to deal with the hassle of using a traditional repair shop. The repair technicians that work for the Brake Squad have experience and expertise, and only the best equipment is used to complete repairs.

Because the Brake Squad understands that using new equipment is best for performance and safety in brake repairs, new brake pads, shoes, rotors and drums are always used in repairs.Mobile brake repair services provide convenience and let customers avoid the loss of time associated with taking a vehicle to a repair shop overnight or longer.