Our Brake System Flush service is a process by which all of the old dirty brake fluid is removed from your brake system and replaced with new clean brake fluid.

How does it go bad? Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it has the ability to absorb water. Water and oil don’t mix leaving pockets of water trapped in your brake lines. Remember from science class that oil doesn’t compress but water does. What that means is that the more water you have in your brake lines the softer your brake pedal will feel and may require you to press harder and farther down on the pedal to bring your car to a stop.

When should I have a brake fluid flush done? Most manufacturers recommend that you flush the brake fluid every 3 years or 30k miles. At The Brake Squad, we use an electronic tester to accurately determine if your brake fluid needs to be replaced. This way you’re only paying for a service when you know you actually need.

What to expect with The Brake Squad fluid flush service? Our brake specialists flush the fluid from your brake system right on the spot. Using our specialized equipment, we are able to contain all the of the brake fluid that is flushed from your vehicle.  We then recycle the old fluid at an approved recycling facility to help keep the environment clean.

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