Brake pads and rotors are designed to stop your car; why should they stop your life too?  Inevitably your brakes are going to wear out and you’ll be faced with the challenge of finding time in your busy day to drop your car off at the dealership and get shuttled back and forth.  Or you could spend your Saturday morning watching TV from the plastic chairs in the waiting room of your local garage while they poke and prod your car to find 10 more things that they think need to be replaced. Afterward, they ransom the car back to you for four times what you were expecting to pay.

Thankfully there’s another option. Our Mobile ASE Certified Brake Specialists come to you equipped to replace your worn out brake pads and rotors in less than an hour at your home or office using the highest quality brake parts available. Our mobile brake repair service is typically half the price of what you’d spend at the dealership and we don’t upsell you on any other service!

The ceramic and semi-metallic brake pads we use are created with the same process that high-end luxury manufactures use for their new cars.  It’s called Positive-Molding, a process that involves pressing your new brake pads under 50 tons of force to squeeze in more braking material and less glue and resin.  The result is brake pads that don’t squeak or squeal, last twice as long and create little to no dusting on your wheels.

We also install new brake rotors that meet the original equipment specification for your vehicle. Also for many vehicles, we offer rotors with a rust-resistant coating which makes them last longer and look better through your wheels. We do not resurface rotors on a lathe. Resurfacing is known to cause trouble down the road. Most of the issues you have with a rotor are due to rust clogging the cooling channels leading to overheating, cracking, excessive wear, and warping. Resurfacing does nothing to address the cooling channels in your rotor. What it does do is thin down your rotor making it even more susceptible to overheating.

We, of course, stand behind the parts we install with a 12-month warranty that cover parts AND labor!