Just met Joe, what a blessing it is to meet a young professional who exudes honestly integrity, character, and a host of other great values with every step in the process.  I start the review with Joe, because his values clearly define the values of the business, and its operations.  I’m thrifty, and not always as trusting as i could be.  Joe, by himself, reinforced everything that i thought this company might be.  Talked to Mrs. Joe on the phone….honest, knowledgeable, personable..perfect.

Now for the work.  I have replaced pad’s, rotors and and calipers in the past.  i heard about the hourly rate and was testy, just because i’m cheap.  Joe knew the unique aspects of this particular vehicle, had his materials in place and the car jacked up and ready in just few minutes.  a few more minutes, and the wheel was off, rotor was off, caliper off, pads out…and he was cleaning the caliper and preparing….i didn’t want to be rude and time him, but i wished i had….world record…and despite how, and i want to be careful with this term, fast he is….. fast implies hurried, and he was as relaxed as i was sipping on my coffee….he was so efficient.  few trips back to the truck….first wheel done……started the second wheel, i yawned….opened my eyes, and he was done with wheel two.. ok, kidding.  here’s the deal,  we didn’t get close to using up the hour.  he finished, tested, replaced fittings, torqued the wheels and handed me the bill.  i was actually happy to have it in hand, because i was happy to pay him.  and i’m not happy paying anybody.  Great people, make great organizations.

Brake squad….impressed me thoroughly. Thank you so much Joe, you restored my faith in american business……and cost me less than my boys at a local tire, battery, and alignment shop by $30.  i was happy to give that man my money…can’t believe it.  I have “FAITH” in this company!  Use, i’m going to drive a lot this week, wear out my brakes on my other car and get him back.