The Brake Squad is terrific!  Very convenient!  The owner is so friendly and professional over the phone.  I had my front brakes done in May, and the back breaks today (July 6).  Andre was the mechanic both times. Not only does Andre arrive on time, but he even shows up a bit EARLY!  You won’t be stuck waiting with a window block of time.  When you make an appointment, they will be there!  Andre is a true professional; shows up with his green Brake Squad shirt and gets his work done in an efficient manner.  Andre came to my home, jacked the car up, and had all the tools he needed in his van.  In about 1-1/2 hours, my brakes were replaced.  In between the time I had the front and back brakes done, I had the “Low on Brake Fuel” warning light come on.  So I called and talked to Joe.  He assured me over the phone that I wasn’t in a dangerous situation and scheduled for Andre to come take a look at the earliest possible time.  Andre added brake fluid for no cost and explained why I ought to consider replacing the back brakes sooner rather than later.  I appreciate the convenience, professionalism, and fair pricing with the Brake Squad!  I’ve already recommended them to friends and neighbors.