I use Yelp all the time!  It helps me narrow-down the best deals and gives me a first hand sense what the previous folks experienced.  (I showcase Yelp, first, because they keep me from wasting time and money.)
My first contact, Crystal (spelling uncertain), was friendly and very patient, allowing me to gather my paperwork, to field the questions she had for me.  (I’m taking care of this for a friend and had to search for some  info.) Appointment set.  I’m good.
The technician, Alex, was on time, on point, and at work, immediately.  He’s knowledgeable and efficient.  He got the task completed in 45 minutes and took his test drive, as projected.  I appreciate that.  We took care of the payment, remotely, and he was on his way.
All in all, a good experience…
(Hoping my review doesn’t sound generic… I was going to post my email, to back it all up, but decided not to…)