I own a junk removal business and we have a lot of trucks that are used everyday. The amount of miles that we put on our trucks is insane! Everyone in northern Virginia knows that the traffic here is very heavy no matter what the time of the day and there is constant breaking anywhere you go in this area! Add the extra weight on our trucks and you can probably quickly guess that our brakes need constant attention.

We had a trucks breaks start grinding intensely out of nowhere and it seemed pretty serious because it smelled like they were overheating and making the vehicle jerk. Trying to figure out how to get this to a shop to get fixed was nothing short of getting it towed. It just wasn’t safe to drive it even a few miles.

I had heard about “The Brake Squad” through another business owner and so I thought I would give them a call.

From start to finish, this company GREATLY exceeded my expectations! Joe took my call and set up the appointment. Talk about customer service…this guy set up a time that worked perfectly for my schedule and said that they would come to me, I couldn’t do this with a shop. I would have to drive there, wait in line, and have to sit in a lobby watching whatever was on the one channel that’s playing in the background while drinking some stale coffee.

Not with this company! Alex showed up promptly on time, uniformed, a smile on his face, and guess what?!  He brought the entire “shop” with him in his Brake Squad truck. This guy had everything you could imagine and not imagine to fix any kind of issue dealing with brakes. I also noticed that he had done over 3,000 brake jobs himself due to the sticker on his truck. It looked like this company had given him an award for reaching an insane amount of brakes changed from this one particular employee. That alone made me feel comfortable that this guy knew what he was doing.

Not only did Alex find the problem quickly, he just as quickly had it fixed! I asked him some questions relating my brakes. I didn’t know someone could be so knowledgeable about just brakes.

“The Brake Squad” is a “Life Saver”!!! All five flavors!!!
The brakes work perfectly and my truck is back on the road working perfectly and most importantly safe!!!

They should be called “The Hero Squad”!!!  Thank you Joe, Alex, and the rest of the team for saving the day and my stress!

If you are a company with a lot of vehicles or just someone looking to get their personal vehicle’s brakes replaced….I cannot stress how awesome this company is!

I will be using them for every truck I own from now on! You guys have a loyal customer here!