Joe just left our house. He replaced the pads and sensors on my BMW 750i. The experience from inception to execution was flawless. One can always read the reviews, but do we really know how the transaction will work out. Well what I can tell you is Joe got the job done in about 40 mins and did it with a welcoming demeanor and pure professionalism! You will NOT find this type of QUALITY service with the “pirate” craigslist mobile brake folks. I’ll take quality and convince any day over a few bucks and poor materials.

There was never a question on part price or what the entire job would cost when the phone estimate was given. It was all 110% correct right down to the tax. Save your day give them a call. Hate filthy waiting rooms in brake repair shops, gas stations or fix-it shops? How about sitting in your living room while they take care of your brake issues – nuff said right, call’em!

When I think of The Brake Squad now that I’ve done business with them – I think PRO!

I’ll call them again and again when we need our brakes taken care of.

Thanks guys!!