“My husband’s car was making an awful screeching sound, and a man at a repair shop he took the car to told him it was a bolt that just needed tightening. My husband tightened every single bolt in the engine, and the noise was still there. I looked up some brake places online, and came across The Brake Squad. After reading the reviews on their webpage, I was sold. We were told the tech would be at our house between 9 and 11, and he showed up at 9:05am. Here’s where the story takes a turn. After taking all the wheels off and examining the brakes, he saw that the brake pads and rotors were fine, so he put everything back on and decided to take it for a ride to see if he could tell what the problem was. Unfortunately, I forgot to mention to him that the door locks automatically, even with the key in the ignition (faulty door locks, my fault for not mentioning it). He felt so bad and immediately called his boss, Joe, who offered to come out and pop the door open so I didn’t have to go through my insurance company. Joe arrived and tried to get the door open, to no avail. I called my insurance company to have them come out (I have road side assistance, it would have been free), but Joe insisted that they pay for a locksmith, and he already had one on the way. While waiting for the locksmith, Joe took the tires off again and found that there was small rust build up on one of the rotors that was rubbing against the dust shield, and that’s what was causing the screeching. He pulled the dust shield away from the rotor, the locksmith came and unlocked my car, and Joe wasn’t even going to charge me the $50 assessment fee! I insisted on paying, as I knew it would be $50, even if it wasn’t the brakes, and even though it wasn’t the actual brakes, Joe took it upon himself to fix the problem anyway. “

Very honest man, very honest company, cheaper than we would’ve paid had we gone to an actual repair shop, AND I got to sit inside my own home with my two little girls. I can’t believe I got so lucky as to stumble across these guys. Will definitely call again, whenever I need my brakes repaired.