An honest mechanic? Are you kidding me ?

I still can’t believe how great this experience was. I tend to have higher expectations than most when it comes to businesses I do business with and The Brake Squad did not disappoint.

This past Sunday I decide I can’t put off dealing with the brake issue on my car any longer and start searching the internet for the not only the best deal but someplace that also has a good reputation. I come across The Brake Squad. A mobile brake service. Hmm, interesting concept. OK, I’ll bite.

The online estimate/ quote process was nice and easy. My CX-5 has 67K on the clock with the factory brakes. I think I need four new sets of pads and I may need new rear rotors as they appear a little scored. I think I am looking at about $550 (including new rotors). Seems fair. I decide to pull the trigger and try this new-fangled way of getting mechanical work done on my car and let the mechanic come to me instead of me blowing hours sitting around a shop while I wait.

Scheduling was a breeze. The scheduler called me Monday morning and we were able to schedule and appointment for the very next day at my office at 10am. She confirms the estimate.  About 920 Alex calls and says he’s ahead of schedule and can he come early ? Sure, no problem.

Alex shows up and proceeds to inspect the brakes. First words out of his mouth are “you don’t need new front pads; you still have about 30-40% left.”

I’m sorry, what did you just say?

When was the last time a mechanic tried to save you money?

Then he talked about the rear rotors. “I’m not sure you need new ones. They don’t look scored. I think what you see is just material from the pads that has been transferred to the rotors through the heating/ cooling of the brakes. I’ll try to buff it off first.”  There he goes again with that crazy talk about saving me money.

I return to my office to get some work done. I check on him about an hour later to see his progress. He’s finishing putting the second wheel back together.

Nope. Didn’t need new rotors. All the material I thought was scoring was gone.

He does a quick test drive, pronounces the job done and gives me the bill. Less than $300. Oh, and here’s a gift card towards your next service when you decide to get the front’s done.

Wow. Seriously, when was the last time you had your car worked on that you didn’t feel like you were somehow getting hosed ?

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you I don’t give out recommendations easily. I will recommend The Brake Squad all day long.