I called Brake  Squad to perform an inspection and if you use them for the brake service (and you should), they will apply the $50 inspection fee to the  follow-on service!!  I have already scheduled the service for a  following date!!  Alex was thorough, pleasant, friendly and patient (I had a lot of questions!).
Two weeks ago, I went to Car Stealership #1 to have a simple, yet over-priced oil change and low and behold, the service rep says in a concerning, yet scare-tactic-like voice, “Ms. So-and-So, during our ‘complimentary’ zillion-point, thorough inspection, the tech found that your front and rear brakes need to be replaced, along with the rear calipers. I wouldn’t wait to do this!”  I can’t quite remember the exact total cost but it was at least $1000, with the rear calipers alone costing $526.00.  I declined and had a lovely lunch at Panera.  A week later, I went to Car Stealership #2 to have a service light checked.  As I waited for the oh-so-predictable upsale from the service tech, all he said was I would need rear brakes soon.
So, yesterday, I searched Yelp, Google, FB and AngiesList for reviews of reputable, honest and certified brake repair businesses. Each search led me back to the overwhelming great reviews of the Brake Squad.  I will be honest, I was concerned about have some dude I don’t know working on my brakes…. Oh wait…. that is what I have been doing at Car Stealership #1 for over 10 years because they change service managers like a new-born baby’s diaper!  So, I decided to give Brake Squad a call. The initial first impression was just outstanding.  I spoke with Danielle who patiently listen as fumbled through Car Stealerships #1’s “must do now”  recommendations.  I will say, I don’t know a caliber from a caper (well, I do know what a caper is and I don’t really like them!).  Anyway, after giving Danielle my make, model and year she provided me several quotes based upon different brake services but she offer another service, the “Brake Inspection” for $50.  I accepted the service and Brake Squad was there that same afternoon.  I was concerned about the quality of parts as I have done most of my services at the Car Stealership because I try to use OEM parts.  Danielle explained that they use OEM equivalent parts and there is a 12 month warranty on labor and parts! Alex called and asked if he can come early and I said sure!  When he arrived, he politely introduced himself and explained what was about to happen.  He didn’t seem to mind that I had a bunch of questions and he showed me the pad wear, etc.  Alex checked my car out for about  30 minutes I believe.  Long story short (or not so short, LOL!), Alex advised that I needed to replace my rear rotors and brake pads.  (Note:  my rotors had been resurfaced previously.)  The total was $499.00 (plus I can deduct the  $50 brake inspection fee).  I am scheduled for the follow-on service!  I will update my review when that service is complete.
UPDATE 12/29/2015
Alex arrived on time as expected.  Once again, I was impressed with the professionalism!  He installed rear rotors and rear brake Pads.  It was done right in my garage for about an hour.  It probably could of taken less time, if I hadn’t once again, talked him to death!
THANK YOU Alex and the Brake Squad!!!