This is the 2nd time I have used Brake Squad. Hands down, the BEST auto service I have ever received.(both times). They are quick, professional, with quality service at a price that can’t be beat. Most of all, they are HONEST(which is rare these days in auto repair). I had my prius in the dealer for a recall…the service advisor recommended Front and rear brake replacement to the tune of over $1000. I declined and reserved with brake squad. When Alex showed up, he inspected the front brakes and explained there was plenty of wear left on the front… need for replacement at this time. He replaced the rear pads and rotors in about 45min. The price was under $450…the price I was quoted for both front/rear was $750(well under dealer price). I HIGHLY recommend Brake squad and will use them again next time I need brake work!! Also props to Alex for a job well done. Another satisfied customer!!