I spoke with a receptionist who was very nice and professional [Chrystle] who then said Alex, the mechanic, would call me back in 30-40 minutes to talk about my brake issues, and sure enough he did!  It is sad that I am getting excited about that due to tons of other places that don’t stick to their word, but it really is great when a company follows through with even the small things.  It means a lot to the customer.

Anyways, I called them because I had smoke coming out of my driver’s side rear brake system on my way to work one morning.  I had just replaced my rear brake pads and rotors myself, but when I was disassembling the brake system, I realized the calipers needed to be replaced as well.  Unfortunately, I did not have new calipers on hand and it was getting late, so I put the new pads and rotors on and was planning to replace the calipers at a later time.  I am a YouTube mechanic, meaning I’m not a mechanic at all, just handy, and I watch YouTube videos to fix my stuff.  But because I am not a mechanic, I did not know my brake system would look like it was about to explode because I installed new brake pads and rotors with a caliper that needed to be replaced.  Live and learn.

So, I pulled over and called The Brake Squad, and Alex called me back to talk me through what was going on.  Alex was a nice guy, he was patient while I was telling him what was going on, and he was very honest about what he thought.  He mentioned that he can’t promise anything until he inspects the car, but he agreed that it was probably the calipers.  I told him I was not comfortable driving the car and asked if he was available that day to come inspect and do the repairs.  He told me he was able to make it out by 3:30 pm that afternoon to inspect it and could try to do the repairs as well if he could.  I said that would be great.  I left my car in the parking lot with the keys on the tire and he made it out earlier than expected but he texted me when he was on his way and asked if I wanted to meet him there.  I could not make it due to meetings, but he communicated via text letting me know that he was inspecting the car, gave a diagnosis, asked for permission to replace rear calipers, and then let me know when the car was done and what the total for repairs was (he gave me an accurate ballpark beforehand).  He drove the car around to make sure brakes were working properly and told me where he left the car.  I got a reasonable rate on the repairs and my brakes have never been better!

The Brake Squad did an all-around great job, from communication, to honesty, and a great repair.  I would recommend them to anyone!