Close Up of Vehicle Headlights While the Vehicles are in City Traffic

In part I of this blog we talked about giving ourselves some extra time, not racing against the rest of traffic, and packing snacks as strategies for making a commute feel less stressful and less detrimental to our vehicles so that we don’t need mobile brake repair service or other vehicle maintenance as frequently. Here are a few more strategies for reducing the negative effects of a long commute:

Make your environment more soothing: Whether it’s listening to an audiobook or your favorite band – or even driving in silence – whatever makes you feel more calm, do it! You may have a stressful work day, so giving yourself peaceful time before and after is crucial.

Don’t drive your car if possible: If public transportation is available to you, using it instead of your vehicle can help slow down wear and tear on your car. Using public transportation can also free you up to be productive during the trip, or to just sit back and relax while traveling. Carpooling is also an option to consider that can help you drive your vehicle less.

Daily commutes don’t just contribute to stress, but they can also speed up wear on your vehicle, requiring you to schedule mobile brake repair service or other auto maintenance more frequently. By taking steps to make your commute easier, both your mental wellbeing and your car will benefit.