BMW on Red Fall Leaves Under Trees with Red Leaves |

While summer may still be in full effect, it’s not too soon to start planning for preparing your car for fall and winter. Our brakes only mobile service has your brake maintenance needs covered, but there are some other things you should do to prepare your vehicle as well:

Wash your car: This is a great time to give your car a good cleaning. Wash off any bugs or other debris that could hinder visibility, and then give your car a good waxing so that it will be protected from salt, sand, or any other elements you will encounter when winter weather arrives. Clean out the inside of your car while you’re at it too, you may not be motivated to do so once it gets cold outside.

Wipers: Wipers should be replaced every six months to a year, and you definitely want to make sure they’re in good shape before the first snow fall. Old wipers may even end up smearing your window when you use them, making your visibility worse rather than improving it.

Heater: You don’t want to wait until you need your heater to realize that it isn’t working! Test your heater and defroster to make sure they are operating as they should.

There are more steps to take to prepare your car for fall and winter, including calling our brakes only mobile service for routine maintenance. Check back for part II of this blog for more tips!