In part I of this blog we talked about checking your fluids, lights, wipers, and tires before embarking on a road trip. Here are a few more tips from our brakes only mobile service company:

5. Check brake pads: Your brake pads are essential to making sure your car stops properly. If your pads are too thin, you’ll likely hear screeching or squealing. If you need a brake pad replacement, call The Brake Squad at (703) 994-2773 and we’ll come to you!

6. Check the spare wheel: Make sure you’re prepared for a potential tire emergency by ensuring that your spare tire has air in it.

7. Check for leaks: Check under the hood and under your car to ensure there are no leaks. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, have your car looked at by a technician.

8. Clean your car: This may not be essential to the actual function of your car, but it will feel great to start your trip with a nice, clean car!

The holidays are a great time for taking road trips to see family or to take a fun vacation, but you should always make sure your car is ready for the trip! Our brakes only mobile service company can help you prepare for the trip with brake repairs or maintenance.