Black and Red Fuel Pump Inside of a White Sedan while it Refuels

Everyone wants to save money, and one way to do so is by making sure your car is getting the best gas mileage possible. Here are a few ways to get better gas mileage, and some of these tips will also save your brakes so that you can go longer between brake repair service appointments:

1. Ensure the gas cap is fully sealed: A gas cap that fails to form an airtight seal will allow oxygen to pass into your gas tank, which increases how much air enters your car’s fuel, forcing your engine to use more gas which increases consumption. Bonus tip: A missing or loose gas cap is often the cause of your check engine light being on!

2. Watch your speed: Avoid excessive speeds and accelerate more slowly to reduce how much fuel you use. Quickly accelerating and braking makes your engine work harder which uses more fuel, and gas mileage typically worsens at speeds over 55 mph because of the increased wind friction.

3. Use your cruise (control): We often end up unconsciously matching the speed of other vehicles on the road when driving, so by utilizing your cruise control you can ensure that you maintain a gas-efficient (and legal) speed, and you will also accelerate and brake less, which also helps to conserve fuel.

These are just a few ways you can improve your gas mileage, and numbers two and three will even cut down on the frequency of which you use your brakes, letting you go longer in between your brake repair service appointments. Check back for part II of this blog for more fuel-saving tips.